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  • rwcva rwcva Jul 6, 2006 10:15 AM Flag

    Air conditioning & Bags are expenses

    The situation about limited supplies of bags and wrapping supplies is nothing new to Federated. They order "short" to keep expenses as low as possible. This run out of bags happens in just about every month around the 27th and thus worse in a month that has 31 days.

    As far as heating and cooling situations, it costs $ money to have a service staff check out the situation, so in most cases NOTHING is DONE! This attitude again keeps expenses as low as possible.

    PLEASE ASK YOURSELFS : when a situation arrises that your believe needs correction.

    Would a solution involve spending $ money ?

    If the answer is "yes" then FD will go as long as possible without spending the $.

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    • << I went to every location that groceriejunkie666 suggested and none of them had Macy's branded bags for purchase. I also went to 2 of my local grocery store chains, and they said they can only get their bags from HQ as well!!!>>

      It took me 2 minutes to find them. You must not have looked hard enough:



    • Not ever did the asms have to pay for anything out their pockets with may. Also the problem is that fd is not timely with the checks. Also some asms are only making 30k a year and have other expenses. All i am saying is that if they want you in NY, then pay the way. Macy east people do not have corporate credit cards. It should not be there responsibility if corporate wants them at a meeting.

    • I believe what was trying to be said is that some bag is better than no bag. At lease the purchase is in some type of carrying device. We went through the same problem in my MCE store last year. We ended up using hanging bags for all types of products and interior use only bags for customer purchases. Sales were flat, the bag budget was cut but because we were not exceeding our goals on a daily basis we could not get bags. This has happened every year for the last 6 years since I started with MCE.

    • LOL. I went to every location that groceriejunkie666 suggested and none of them had Macy's branded bags for purchase. I also went to 2 of my local grocery store chains, and they said they can only get their bags from HQ as well!!!

    • "Fedfan, you said you are a store manager correct? Well that makes you a corporate person so get you a#% out on the floor, and start communicating to the powers that be!"

      Your idiotic comments barely deserve a response. If you have read my comments, I have repeatedly said the issues about air and supplies have not occured in my store and to the best of my knowledge in my division. However, I would be very vocal if they did!

    • I'm not sure where you are getting your information but it is very common for travelers to front their travel expenses and then get reimbursed. In over 15 years with May company and 4-6 trips a year, only airfare was pre-paid. All other expenses were paid for by the employee then reimbursed. You could use your corporate credit card or a personal one. If you turned in your expense forms in a timely manner, your check would be available within 7-10 days. This is not unique to retail. Most business travel is conducted this way across industries.

    • In most of the stores I have worked in, we ask the associates to bring in their comment cards. Customer service survey cards are generated on associate purchases just like they are on regular customer purchases. It is amazing how many associates don't have a clue what the comment cards really are. This is the last month we will be on the May Company customer service program (at least in my division) and we all want to get as high of a score as possible. It is not unheard of to reward the associates for bringing them in. We would then check a 4 and mail them in.

      Macy's has a similar customer service system. They send out customer response letters, similar to the May cards. They ask a few more questions about their shopping experience. We will also get feedback through the Macy's website. Associates will be asked to circle and sign (first name only) the bottom of the reciept inviting the customer to our website to rate the service they just got.

    • I heard that in some of the old hechts stores the managers are asking for the comment cards that customers (us) get in the mail,. The ones where we rate our service etc. Some are even paying the employees for there cards. Does anyone know why? What are they doing with them? Does macy's send out comment cards?

    • Come on, talk about complaining for complaining's sake. The meeting was for all VPs and above. You mean to tell me that people making well over $100K a year don't have ONE charge card to buy their ticket with? Get a life, and stop looking for crap around every corner. Macy's also has reimbursed for travel expenses very quickly, certainly before the credit card bill arrives.

    • Sosawol, What cutbacks were done in the stores recently? We had heard HR in some stores. Anything else?
      Our store has hardly anyone on the floor and it is a mess. Customers are saying they have never seen it this messy before, can't find anything.

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