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  • jimmack jimmack Jan 12, 2008 11:54 AM Flag

    Macy's North eliminates 271 employees

    The "magic of Macy's" is eliminating 271 employees in its North Division. People are located at Macy's North headquarters in Minneapolis and in former Marshall Field's stores due to the eliminating of food service at Oak Brook, Aurora, Vernon Hills and (a new store).

    Good going Macy's...way to flop.

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    • <<And Fields went from $3+billion to $2billion under Target during this decade.>>

      Of course, that's because so many people must have realized what a GREAT! store Field's was! And the whiners still can't figure out why TL didn't keep the name!

    • Sorry, Field's never had a decent foothold in Texas. Neimans, Stanley Korshack, Saks, and regionals squeezed them out. And Fields went from $3+billion to $2billion under Target during this decade.

    • You need to get a life! I think I have stated this fact B-4

    • Very nice post!

      Macy's has done nothing better than the stores it replaced - ESPECIALLY Marshall Field's.

      Macy's way to flop in the Midwest and beyond!

    • I used to think you are an I know!

    • What's funny is that I was told the same store manager that is in toledo closed the columbus store Ha! Nordstrom's was really busy after christmas in chicago and macy's looked a mess clothes all over the place and no one to help me. Quite the other way at the other store. It's frustrating when you can see the problems and management can't. Macy's should never had bought Field's and Field's would have closed. Marshal field's was great years ago in chicago but in the last 15 years it was all down hill. It seems they are a fraturnity with their management and they all protect each other instead the divisionals giving good direction. When I would call on the store I would see management flying in town on a big company plane instead of driving to be economical and all go to lunch and they would ignore the sales help and jr. managers. It was a real put down for the employees. I thought boy am I glad i don't work for them!

    • That's how it always was in Columbus. Lazarus, always a bevy of activity (as is Nordstrom); Field's, barely had a soul! I guess there are only so many people who can afford Prada! LOL!

    • Your right dillard's has so much more traffic. Being objective as a customer I feel the macy's store feels very cold next to dillard's not that dillard's is fantastic but the sales people are more friendly and the cosmetic dept. is more inviting at dillard's. There never seems to be anyone at the fragrance counter for women's fragrances so I see people walk off. Management is poor and should be on the floor but you never see the store manager but in the office. I'm glad I'm a vendor but the business could be so much more it's sad when I am there.

    • I am talking about Marshall Field's and Marshall Field's only. It was nothing special -- just another department store with an oversized opinion of itself.

      You have sentimentalists who want to keep an ancient 15,000 square foot leased store open ..... yet Meijer just announced it is closing 3 stores only 15 to 20 years old and replacing them with new ones a couple of miles away. And they own the buildings!

    • Money does talk and it is saying that the take over of May was a big flop.

      By the way I do not have a bad attitude. We work very hard for this company, only to be told we are not working hard enough. Or you have to do more with less.

      And why is Macys such a failure? You have to admit, it has not lived up to expectations.

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