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  • garyft54 garyft54 Oct 15, 2012 11:17 AM Flag

    Romney has a 4 point lead -Poor Clawmeister

    Look at the putz with the big mouth.The Dummocrats boo Israel at their convention and this putz supports Obama and the Dummocrats nevetheless thinking he'll make and made an extra buck with them.The putz thinks Obama's policies caused the market to go up.He is losing his putz shorting MSO,LOL,losing bubby and zaydies gelt,what a putz.

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    • All that anger lovelosingmoney. It's not my fault that you missed out on the Obama market because you put your money into dogs like MSO, MPG and COOL.

      DJIA went from 6500 to 13,000 under Obama while you lost $10,000 on a stupid Mar $20 MSO out-of-the-money crap shoot, and followed up with a dumb buy of MSO at $8.

      When Macy's prevails in Manhattan Supreme Court and the German's win their suit for Martha's illegal Chinese knock-offs of German knives, M is going to rocket to $50 and MSO is going to drop to $2.

      Since you are a financial failure, it is no coincidence that you are anti-Semitic. Freud described one of your many psychological problems (we won't get into your sexual identity issue "linda") as "porttfolio envy." It bothers you that mine is much, much bigger than yours.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Who are you calling an Anti Semite?You're the Anti-Semite who is voting for a President who would not meet Netanyahu,whose party booed Israel at their convention and whose Pastor led an anti Israel march in March of this year,this is your man which makes you a loser,shows how dumb you are thinking that Obama was responsible for the Dow going from 6600 to 13600,you're a dumb putz.

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