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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Oct 23, 2012 11:58 AM Flag

    Romney has a 4 point lead -Poor Clawmeister

    Get over it dittohead. The USA no longer suffers from the ignominy of being the only industrialized nation without a national health care plan and the only industrialized nation where a wage earner can go bankrupt because of medical expense.

    No longer can an American worker be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

    You are a typical right wing liar who claims that the Supreme Court magically changed the bill to add taxes. The Court didn't modify the bill, only Congress can do that.

    Let's examine your deceptions.

    1. Not a tax but a legitimate penalty to improve America' deplorable record on health care. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association placed the effectiveness of America's health care in the bottom 25% of the industrialized world. The WHO ranks our health care at 37th in the world, behind some banana republics.

    2. Eliminating loopholes. Just like Romney says we should do!

    3. Eliminating loopholes. Just like Romney says we should do!

    4. This is a tax on the middle class how?

    5. Eliminating loopholes. Just like Romney says we should do!

    6. Oh yeah, the middle class is really into indoor tanning! LMAO

    7. No longer needed.

    8. Don’t withdraw from an HAS if you don’t want to pay the tax

    9. No taxes take effect in 2013 under this. Caught you in a lie!

    10. Applies to upper class, not middle class. Poor Mitt won’t be able to pay only 14%!

    Sentiment: Hold

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