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  • pdxguy1996 pdxguy1996 Nov 10, 2012 4:08 PM Flag

    Donald Trump is a growing cancer on Macy's

    There is a continuous stream of complaints about Trump and his un-American activities on Macy's Facebook page. There is also a growing group urging them to drop him as a spokesperson. As a national, mainline retailer this may come to bite them at the most important shopping time of the year. I hope their executives are listening and pull him immediately.

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    • We've had a super couple days of sales. I'm very pleased. The checkout times at Kohl's, Wal-Mart and Best Buy ranged around 1.5 hours Thursday nite. I understand Best Buy did in the early 7 figures. Excellent organization with well staged security and they had zero problems. Several told me they walked out of Wal-Mart it was such a mess. Kohl's simply doesn't have enough POS units to deal with such crowds. Our Mall had excellent organization directed at traffic and everything went smoothly. I didn't hear a gripe from any customers. Several Mall stores opened @ midnight without any problems.

      So. All in all, well done.

    • I live in Midland TX without a Macy's anywhere out here. And I am with Dillard's. That said. I simply cannot deal with Donald Trump under any circumstances. IMHO he's the worst example of a publicity hound. I'm a Democrat and am insulted by his "birther" crap. For Macy's to use someone so polarizing is not a good thing. Those that can't stand him are very likely NOT to shop with Macy's and it could hurt. Last fall I shopped the Macy's in Beaumont TX and found it very messy and not at all well staffed. And that being a Saturday night. I had to look for an employee, it was that bad. As a 25 year Retail Store Manager prior to my retirement, I know from experience when things just aren't well run. Perhaps it's better now, it has been about a year now since I was there.

    • Not going to happen. Just for starters, Trump and Lundgren are best of friends. Then again, so were Martha and Terry at one point. But regardless, they only way the agreement could be terminated is under a breech of character or ethics. Everyone either loves Trump or hates him. His recent behavior is simply more of the same typical behavior. No grounds to terminate the deal with Trump. Wouldn't surprise me if Terry Lundgren's opinions aren't too different from Trump's.

      P.S. Not personally a fan of Trump. Just means I don't buy his stuff for my hubby.

    • Sold out but thanks

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      • If you don't like trump at Macy's, no worries. Clearly the Macy's legal guys are inept as evidenced in them not protecting the huge investment the company made in Martha Stewart, soooo, after Macy's invests in more visabililty for Trump he will likely use them like Martha has and dump Macy's. I know, I know Trump has many annoying, borderline insane tendencies but his huge bravado melts emotional execs that Macy's has plenty of. He will beat them like a "red headed stepchild" very shortly. These types of strategies or tactics that are top driven undermine the "troops in the trenches" and ultimately fail for lack of partnership within the company even without Trump dumping them so the "partnership" will end shortly in either case.

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