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  • derickgm derickgm Apr 20, 1998 6:31 PM Flag

    Problems for Federated

    I just finished reading the WSJ writeup on Federated's Ex-Leader.
    I think they have a problem. If I was on the jury, he would get the 40+ million compensation he is asking for in a heartbeat.
    All this assumes that the WSJ got it right of course. (They seldom get it wrong)

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    • I live in metro Washington d.c. and after some
      shopping experiances at the Macy's unit at Tysons Coner
      Galleria and at the Bloomingdales store in the Tysons
      Coner mall thought I would check around after I heard
      employees talking.
      The Macy's store is always a mess!
      fitting rooms and racks
      sloppy and sales personnel
      very difficult to find. I commented to the sales
      person in the men's shirt department that I was
      surprised how weak the tie assortment was...and how sloppy
      the dept was. "They don't ever give you guys enough
      help to get things done around here do they?" and
      after searching the guy out because he was helpfull I
      asked " Are you people on commission like years ago? No
      he replied, he was relatively new, he said all of
      the old staff had left.
      And your tie assortment is
      so weak..."AHH! I know, all of your tie and better
      business has long gone to Norsdtrom's " I
      Yes, he said, sadly....we had a discusssion of how

      Nordstroms had a very large following now, a fact that I
      all too welll. The reason I was in Macy's was a 40%
      sale off on Ralph Lauren a nice one for my
      WE later went over to Nordstrom's to look at ties,
      but I am too
      savvy a shopper I took my son into
      Brook's brothers and we found the quality we were looking
      for at more realistic prices.
      Quite frankly, among
      my friends we never go into Macy's or

      Bllomingdales except on sale events...and only buy select
      items. All of our better gift buying comes from
      For basics I shop at Penney's .

      Strange story
      on that about 20 years ago I bought draperies at
      Bloomingdales and they were fine, but when I went to hang them
      up they had JC penney lables on them. The next day I
      went into Penneys (Had never been in before) and found
      the same design
      and colors at 50% less at their
      "regular price". At the office one of my coworkers
      informed me that manufacturers make for all the bigg
      retailers and that Penney's standards were among the best
      in the industry. I opened a charge account then and
      since have bought all of our basic needs (underwear ,
      socks, sheets, towels, kids jeans etc from them.) They
      have the same return policy stand behind their product
      and always have sales
      help at the refgister s
      which is NOT true at Macy's.
      Whatever profits FD has
      made sorry to say have unlikely come from me, (buying
      on sale) well some I guess.
      Future investors
      might want to check out the image that FD divisions
      have, say against a Nordstrom.
      Oh, one more comment
      found another great store for value...
      Target, again
      from checking into suppliers have found that they use
      the same sources as FD and other famous retailers
      such as Crate and Barrel but at much lower
      Sorry!!!! gee sorry to type for so long long, but thought
      you investeors would like a consumer's opinion.,

    • of all, you need to reread all my posts. Never
      had a position in this security. Not a shorter. If
      you say I did, you are a LIAR.

      So, you're
      wrong on all accounts. BTW, stock is dropping as
      expected. 40's are coming soon. You've seen the top, where
      are you gonna exit?

      managers and buyers are
      leaving in droves. Tired of 2% raises, and sales goals
      that are unobtainable


    • The company didn't tell wallstreet to expect
      lower sales. The company said don't expect the same
      increases of 150% in the net income for the rest of the
      year. I think you knew that, but your desperation at
      being short is starting to show.

    • Yep they do. Not bad perks eh?

    • having shorted FD. Its obvious you did. Going
      back to your post (message # 2 on this board) where
      you state you've enjoyed shorting FD, that message
      was around the first of Jan, when FD was around 40 to
      42. Obviously you made a wrong decision. If you
      aren't still short, why are you so interested in hanging
      around this board with your negative hype which will not
      drive this price down. You need to convince all the
      institutitutions who hold millions of these shares, (I think
      around 90% of the outstanding stock). All I can say to
      you is go on daydreaming. How negative are you going
      to be when we hit $65 to $70 in a few weeks. Maybe
      you should think about buying some calls so you don't
      get caught in the hugh short squeeze when we break
      out, but those calls are expensive. I wonder

    • guess again.

      >> Hope you did'nt sell
      your stock options, 401K stock and defered pay stock.
      You were at a level to have those, right. That would
      be how you would know so much about the company,
      Right? <<

      !?!?! since when does this
      company provide such opportunities?? That's

      Never worked for the company, never would. Or any other
      retail org. Happened to be in the right or wrong place
      at the right or wrong time. Witnessed an ugly scene
      in a store over proposed FURTHER cuts to commissions
      and salary increases. Decided to do some DD on the
      company. It ain't all that pretty IMHO.

      or otherwise ripping off the workers is nothing new.
      Problem is, you can only cut so far and have so much
      turnover before you corkscrew into the ground, and
      adversely affect the operation and customer service.
      Intermediate return may be OK, but longterm?

      Interesting to note, that although the company tells wall
      street to expect slower sales, expectations for
      increased sales remains high, and is tied to bonuses and
      increases of it's employees. Set the bar high enough and
      you don't have to worry about it eh? Hmmm.... what a
      great company.

      like I said, IMHO the stock is
      done climbing.

    • company travelzoo at is giving away three free shares. get yours and please credit me for referring you. my e-mail

    • Life isn,t fair. This is a big guys world. Falls
      hurt. Hope you did'nt sell your stock options, 401K
      stock and defered pay stock. You were at a level to
      have those, right. That would be how you would know so
      much about the company, Right?

    • The negative, obviously disgrunteled employee,
      who was probably fired. Refer to his messages # 3, 4,
      6, 7, 11, 12 and my message #13 to him. We don't
      represent the union on this board. Please take your gripes

    • arted to move today. watch! MAY will top 60.
      that's my thoughts for the day.<<<

      Not a
      chance. IMHO, They've cut and slashed their personnel,
      bonus programs and commissions. There's nothing left to
      cut. Quality staff are leaving in droves, as flipping
      hamburgers pays more than selling clothes. With sales
      projected to be off, look for more downgrades. It's been at
      50ish for about 3 months. Smart money would go

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