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  • Tim_jp Tim_jp Nov 24, 1998 9:50 PM Flag

    FD is inexpensive

    FD is quite inexpensive on a PE ratio....looks at
    the chart it must be below its average just
    reopened the web site, it's got great brand store names
    and i think noone is expecting anything from this
    company, an upside surprise could make it move higher
    quickly...that's why i think it's a good buiy

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    • I've had FD ever since Macy's filed Chap.11 and
      just held on to it in hopes of recouping which
      happened. Now I'm wondering if I should hold and what is
      the long range forcast for FD. This BB doesn't say
      too much.

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      • there is going to be dip in all retailers ...even
        those with
        continued long term prospects of

        Look at past anlylists opinions of these and
        buy on the dips

        * Wal-mart
        * Dayton
        Hudson (target is doing great)
        * Gap ( big sucess
        with Old Navy)
        * Abercrombie and Fitch

        Any one of these is far better l-o-n-g term than

        Sell Fd, hold some cash and buy those on the

        Good luck!

    • i bought in around this price also, it looks like
      it's below it's 200 day moving average and well off
      it's high, i wouldn't make a big bet on any company,
      i'd diversify some (and I do), i think that retailers
      have lagged because of the warm weather, Fererated is
      a great store, but sure it can go down, there's
      lots of competition out there, maybe put some in Saks
      or polo which happen to be cheap right now also, i
      think the time will come for these companies, but we
      might have to wait for lower interest rates and a
      stronger economy, i think the stock is cheap and macys has
      one of the top retail web sites on the web, i think
      someday someone might notice this....same store sales
      might be flat but maybe the internet business is doing
      OK? i bought technologies back in October and am
      looking and buying some retailer now for a stronger
      economy months from now

      If you want a cheap retail stock that will have much
      earnings growth than FD, and trades at only about
      past earnings, then look at BCF.

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      • BCF might be cheaper, but if they only make coats
        then their niche is very dependent on cold weather, FD
        is sell a lot of different items, has great stores
        and is inexpensive compared to it's historical PE,
        and it's previous 200 day moving average; it's not
        close yet to it's all time high and is behind a lot of
        the market, they are an excellent store and one of
        the top retailers on the net, noone is expecting
        anything from this company; i think that any upside
        surprise in earnings will make this stock move up
        quickly...let's hope for some good retail data for this
        thankgiving shopping weekend; and even if it's not a great
        Christmas for retailers i think the prices reflect the

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