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  • razorzmd razorzmd Jul 7, 2011 11:31 PM Flag

    Oh! gets better!...


    ...did my eyes deceive me?...did Despo's resume page list his location as Waxhaw, North Carolina?...WaxHAW??????...ohhhhhh, here I go again!...HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW!...oh, that's TOO rich! I'm starting to like Aris!...

    ...but wait a minute?...where in Sam Hill is WaxHAW, NC...hmmmm...about 20 miles south of Charlotte...I recall Calmarett gives CTT's address as 5113 Piper Station Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277:

    ...I don't recall CTT announcing any new office in North Carolina...I thought they were cutting back on expenses...oh, well, I can't complain right now...I'm soaking in the irony of the town were Aris lives...WaxHAW!...

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    • My goodnes DOCTOR, Panties in a bunch this morning ??????
      OK you tell the world that you do your homework (HAW) I hope you are a better MD, than you are at SEC Rules. Did you know if you are not an officer of a compeny, that you don't have to file with the SEC. If I found it on file that he actually has stock in the company, then if you did your homework you will fin it too. Also remember back when old mgt was in place, that former CEO and top exc, Despo took a about a 35 to 50 % pay cut. One reason I bought this stock was I saw mgt slashed company expenses, Most of the smart people in the world would say, good move. You need to do more homework doc, also sounds like someone in this company slept with your wife or boyfriend, for you to go off like this.

    • Hey Doc Raz. FYI, I read more filings, seems Mr.Despo, has stock, and some options, I guess you missed that. No one is perfect. You didnt answer my question the other day, I asked if you are still practicing medicne, and did someone you know have a bad experence with this device ? Or are you a paid basher ? I wanna think you know something we don't, but lately, i'm just thinking you have an AXE to grind. Do tell !!

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