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  • favela808 favela808 Sep 3, 2011 8:26 PM Flag

    So many success stories

    Device used by southern Utah doctor is helping people live a life without constant pain
    Published: Sunday, July 31, 2011 11:23 p.m. MDT
    By Ed Yeates, Deseret News

    SYRACUSE — A new FDA-approved medical device has given new life to a Utah boy suffering from a very painful, yet common, form of dystrophy for nearly two years.

    “I never thought I would see this six months ago,” Taylor Johnson said. “I thought I would be on crutches forever.”

    In a symbolic celebratory walk, the 14-year-old recently waved goodbye to his crutches, free from severe pain from a nerve disorder called reflex neurovascular dystrophy or RND. The disease he explained “sends pain signals to the brain even through there is no injury, and it shuts off the blood vessels so my (left) leg would get really cold and swollen.”

    Taylor Johnson rollerblades in Syracuse, Monday, July 18, 2011. He was treated for pain due to reflex neurovascular dystrophy.
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    The pain was so bad the teen could not stand on the leg. “It would be like needles stabbing right below my knee and then just like fire everywhere else,” he explained. On a scale of one to 10, the pain was at 10.

    “You would see him and you would just kind of brush the skin, or sometimes just even blow on it, and he would have pain,” recalled Craig Johnson, Taylor’s father.

    Dr. Robert Chalmers with the Spero Clinics said pain management medications are usually the only relief to these people, some of whom have had this affliction for 30 or 40 years.

    But drugs failed to bring Taylor Johnson relief, and physical therapy had done little to strengthen atrophied muscles in his leg. The Johnsons had even turned to a pain specialist in Philadelphia.

    “We had kind of reached a plateau,” said Mindy Johnson, Taylor's mother. “He wasn’t getting any better or any worse with the physical therapy, but you could also get on their waiting list in Philadelphia and wait six months.” She said the family could end up spending anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 doing that.

    As a last resort, the Johnsons took Taylor to Utah's Spero Clinic to try out a new device called Calmare. The machine uses electricity to send a "no pain" message to the nerve via disposable surface electrodes applied to the skin in the region of the patient's pain. The perception of pain is canceled when the no-pain message replaces that of pain, by using the same pathway through the surface electrodes in a noninvasive way.

    The Johnsons had seen a story last December on KSL-TV about how the system relieved severe pain in Alex Lambson, one of two St. George teenagers struck by lightning in October while they waited for a ride home from school. Lambson is now living pain free.

    “We just threw caution to the wind and went to St. George for a week, and two weeks later he’s taking six steps down the hall when he hadn’t walked for six months,” recalled Mindy Johnson.

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    • Spero Pain Relief Therapy
      Grandchild says to her Grandma "you are always nice, but now you aren't sad anymore". The Grandma is a patient at Spero, she completed her 7th treatment and spent yesterday gardening with her grand kids.

      Calmare is changing peoples lives!

    • Well, considering you were schooled on who determines is or isn't a professor, there's one bit of false information (the University was right and you were wrong). Also, there was nothing to PROVE that Marineo does not have a doctorate degree (MD or DSc) but you claimed it was BONAFIDE - but it's not. It's just a stupid insinuation made by you. More false information. I could go on and on. You might want to stick with something you might actually know - like reviewing escorts, bigdoggie.

    • Hmmm - and how many of the millions of sufferers of RSD, CRPS, CIPN, or any other chronic pain ailment (shingles, back pain, phantom limb, etc) actually visit the websites that you go to? Maybe 20? 50? 100? I'll be generous and say 100,000. Of all of the millions of chronic pain sufferers, a very, very, very minute number of them actually go to these websites. Even if 100,000 of them went to the pain forums (which is obviously way exaggerated), you would still have less than 1% of the chronic pain sufferers in the US. So the other 99% of chronic pain sufferers don't even go to these websites - and you're surprised that you haven't seen anybody who has gotten relief from Calmare therapy posting about it? You're waiting for a needle in a haystack to appear. You focus on finding somebody in the subset of the 1% that that has tried Calmare and is going to post about it and you're surprised you haven't found someone in the subset of the 1% yet. Try focusing on the 99% that doesn't post on the pain forums, clown. The 14yo kid who had to walk with crutches, the kid who was struck by lightning, the ex-professional hockey player, the family who drove from Indiana to New Jersey, etc. There are plenty of success stories who don't post on the pain forum websites.

    • ..."you'll see how excited people are"???...I haven't even found a post on ANY pain forum that even MENTIONS the "calmare" in the past THREE MONTHS...I have a hard time believing that at least ONE of the "excited" throng you claim exists wouldn't have taken a moment to sit down and express the joy of chronic pain relief on SOME forum SOMEWHERE -- NOT counting forums or websites associated with people selling bugzapper therapy...face it, your "excited people" exist only in your imagination...

    • Why don't you try an schedule an appointment and you'll see how excited people are? Many clinics are booked out several weeks.

    • ..."Actually not all people are liars such as yourself."????...hey, I'm still waiting for ANYONE to prove ANY of my posts contain false information...and all of my assertions are backed by readily accessible information...

      ...for example, on the pain forums I can find 10 or 11 neutral or negative posts about the bugzapper starting about July of last year and ending four months ag...on the other hand, I can find only ONE positive post -- "from "kimullican" -- and that ONE is over a YEAR OLD... where I come from, it stands to reason that something that claims to relieve over 90% of the pain in over 90% of the patients treated should generate TONS of excitement and, consequently, a heavy burden of favorable posts relating all the miracles that it's working...consequently, I find the REAL statistics more consistent with what blinkin' bugzapper could accomplish...

      ...and given D'Amato seems to have lost interest in opening ANY of the TEN clinics he promised, I suspect he's agreeing with me about now...

    • Actually not all people are liars such as yourself. So I understand your skepticism. Why don't you do some DD and visit the Spero Clinic. I have. They have very honest nice people working for them.

    • ...HAW!!!!..."Male patient came in a few minutes late..."????...testimony from an employee is hardly encouraging, wouldn't you agree?...if anything, the fact the employee has time to post at all suggests business must be slow...which is surprising since I hear tell the PA only opens the place up ONE DAY a week...hmmmmmm...well, no, I guess it's really not too surprising...after all, there aren't that many suckers that believe you can treat pain with a blinkin' bugzapper, right?...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

    • Spero Pain Relief Therapy
      Male patient came in a few minutes late- his wife said (with a huge smile) tell her why we are late! He said "because I joined my wife this morning on her walk, first time in over 2 years I have been able to do that"
      · · about an hour ago

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