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  • stockscout1965 stockscout1965 Sep 15, 2011 2:36 PM Flag

    Amputee Got Relief from Calmare

    Here's a great thread about an amputee who went to Dr. Chalmers in UT. It shows his progress from Day 1 to Day 10 and how pleased he was at the end. Now he is trying to get off of the addiction to pain meds. Enjoy the reading as it really shows how the therapy affects the pain and how it improves over time so it's important to do at least the full 10 days...

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    • We could start with Bug Zapper and end with slandering the inventor and The Mayo Clinic.And there is so much in between.Then when a jury finds out you were a paid spammer and that was your sole reason for spamming.(you didn't work for the Red Cross after all.)And then discouraged so many people from trying the device who could have had relief for their pain.

      All of OJ's attorneys couldn't defend you.

    • ..."I wonder why? could it be tortious interference?"???...well, maybe because THAT "razormd" was just "faking it"...ain't nice to pretend to be someone you ain't, now, is it?...and "tortious interference"?????..."please tell me more" hardly fits the description, now, does it?...well, on the other hand, if you're a CTT shareholder who can't find more than one positive post on the pain forums in TWO YEARS, I guess even a simple question makes you paranoid, huh?...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

    • Nice link.
      1st item is our banned user RazorMD
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      Calmare Pain
      Have any of you guys considered Calmare Scrambler Pain Therapy? Please tell me more about it and go to ** to learn more if you're unsure.

      Nice link. Looks like you got banned on another message board. I wonder why?
      could it be tortious interference?

      tortious interference noun encouraging a breach, infringing on another's agreement, innerfering with contract, interfering with contractual commitments, interfering with contractual obligation, interferrng with contractual rights, intermeddling, intermeddling with business activities, obstruction, work against anothers contractual relationship, wrongful interference with busiiess relationships, wrongful interference with contractual relationships.

    • ...did you know that some patients say it not only makes the pain WORSE but ALSO causes heart disease -- see the comment by "Alaska49":

      ...did she say EIGHT MORE patients IN ADDITION to herself????, my goodness!...that doesn't bode well, now, does it?...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

    • I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy and I believe I was in denial that I had a serious problem for at least 5 – 8 years when the increasing pain in my feet and legs associated with this condition got my full time attention. I am a very active lady in my seventies and my inability to accept the depressing news that my diagnosis was indeed this neuropathic condition and that there is no cure and no effective treatment for the pain made me continue to seek help when it seemed I was at a dead end. I had every test possible to try to assign “blame” for this malady so that an underlying cause could be treated. No one could find the cause. I tried many pain killers and treatments but nothing helped.

      I heard about the Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment from my brother-in-law’s pain management doctor. Out of desperation, I had asked my sister to ask this doctor if he knew of any treatment that helps pain of my kind. My brother in law had a series of epidurals for his back pain and was suddenly without pain for the first time in 15 years. I was so jealous and hoped that this doctor could give me some injections too. He did not recommend injections but he did tell my sister about a website ( where I could read about a new treatment that is delievered by electrical stimulation and that has been used in Europe for neuropathy with some very encouraging results. I visited this website and found the Spero Pain Relief Center in St. George, Utah, ( This was the closest available treatment for me.
      Dr. Robert Chalmers, the founder of the Spero Pain Relief Center, gave me ten treatments, 45 minutes each, and I began the first treatment with a pain level of “7.” When my neuropathic pain was at its worst, I felt as if my feet were tied up in ropes and someone was twisting the ropes tighter and tighter. At the end of the 10 treatments Dr. Chalmers pressed me to give a pain level and I struggled with my response. Finally, I said “0.5.” I was over the moon. I was virtually pain free and my feet and lower legs felt so much better. Advanced neuropathy can make your feet feel numb and stiff, almost paralyzed. During the 10 treatments, my feet felt more and more flexible and supple. I still have peripheral neuropathy. The pain treatment is not a cure but it is a wonderful non invasive, non narcotic treatment that has freed me from the daily burden of pain. If I experience pain again, Dr. Chalmers will give me some “booster” treatments.

      I asked Dr. Chalmers how to describe this treatment in layman’s terms. He said, “Electricity is the language of the brain. We are talking to your brain to tell it that you don’t have any pain in your legs and feet anymore and we no longer need your help.
      Well, all I can say is, Hallelujah!

      L.F. (Los Angeles, CA)

    • ..."Wrong, yet again..."?????...I don't see how I could be wrong when I'm quoting the guy DIRECTLY:

      ...where "stubby" CLEARLY says:

      "I would not recommend Calmare Therapy to amputees however, which is sad for me to say considering the money we spent on it."

      ...what part of "not recommend" have you difficulty understanding?...and YET AGAIN note especially his emphasis on "the money WE spent" -- i.e. no insurance company reimbursement...

      ...okay -- I spent who knows how many hours staring at that screen looking for at least ONE positive comment about the bugzapper...and I'm sure you were doing somersaults around the room when you FINALLY found stubby's original post...and in your haste to proclaim to the world your new discovery you didn't bother to read EVERYTHING he had to say...

      ...and now here you are, looking for all the world like an absolute MORON trying to pump CTT stock using posts from a guy who ULTIMATELY says he would NOT recommend using the bugzapper...

      ...but, hey, pull yourself together!...suck it up!! a man, already!!!...get back in front of that screen and maybe in a few more days, weeks, months, years -- MAYBE you'll track down another positive comment about the bugzapper...and THEN you'll know to read EVERYTHING the poster has to say about bugzapping before shooting your mouth off and looking like a poster boy for Down's syndrome...

    • Wrong, yet again! What Stubby said after being treated with Calmare therapy is:
      "I am doing really well. Now comes the really hard part, getting off the pain meds."
      "The only pain I have is in my good foot and in my thigh because they are not used to so much exercise. I am so happy."
      "My wife and I have been telling everyone we can about this new therapy. We are hoping some of you that have been reading my posts tell anybody you know that has nerve pain."
      "We are happy to help any of his business because he is helping people so much through this therapy."
      "All in all, my wife and I are doing so good because I am feeling so good. It is wonderful to be free of the chains that have been tying me down for so long."

      Stubby still says: "My wife and I believe that it is a good therapy if all you have is phantom pain."

      You always seem to leave off the first part of the sentence and only focus on the second part. But this was after he went on and on and on about how great it was and he IS recommending it to EVERYONE. He testified that it worked for his pain and yet you refuse to acknowledge that. Can't face the truth? You can only handle half-truths? Typical slimebag stuff from you.

    • .."Amputee was able to get pain relief..."???...congratulations!...that makes TWO positive comments on the pain forums versus!!!...hurrah!!!!...

      ...uhhhhhhh...uh-oh!...looks like I spoke to soon:

      ...say what, stubby:

      "I would not recommend Calmare Therapy to amputees however, which is sad for me to say considering the money we spent on it.", dang, stubby!...just when you had everyone's hopes up too!...well, I guess that helps explain why D'Amato didn't bother to open any more clinics, huh?...

      • 2 Replies to rrtzrealmd
      • There you go with only half-truths again. What Stubby had was a neuroma and bursitis and he needed surgery. Obviously Calmare is not intended for that and he wouldn't recommend it for someone needing surgery instead of just experiencing pain. He did recommend it for pain and it did work for him. Stubby did say "My wife and I believe that it is a good therapy if all you have is phantom pain." His condition went beyond pain though, requiring surgery.
        Before the bursitis and neuroma, Calmare therapy worked well for his pain and he was able to return to work and return to a quality of life he hadn't had for a long time. Unfortunately, his new job required a lot of walking (2-3 miles) which he couldn't handle (probably causing the bursitis). It worked and he was happy with it but later needed surgery and not Calmare therapy
        So the bottom line is that it works for pain and it worked for Stubby. If you have something more than just pain, you need to have surgery (as Stubby did) and Calmare is not a replacement for surgery.

      • Spero Pain Relief Therapy
        A recent patient says: I recently underwent 8 months of chemo for colon cancer. As with most chemo treatments, there are often side effects. In my case it was a burning and prickling sensation in my feet and hands which at times kept me from sleeping. After 10 treatments at the Spero Health clinic the prickling disappeared and the burning was almost nonexistent. My pain level went from 5 to below 1 and it was done without any medication or side effects!

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