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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Oct 3, 2011 12:49 PM Flag

    HAW!!!...'snotscout" is at it again...

    ...over on ihub he's attempting to prove his worthiness to be a poster boy for Down's syndrome:

    "Not only do you know nothing about medicine but you also know nothing about business. Every business person will tell you that an unhappy customer is 50x more vocal than a happy customer. Happy customers usually don't go around posting to every website to tell everyone to go and try the therapy. They are happy to have their lives back and are getting out and doing things they haven't done in years. Unhappy customers will go to every message board they can and talk bad about their experience."

    ..."Happy customers usually don't go around posting to every website to tell everyone to go and try the therapy."?????????...I repeat...???????????...

    ...so he's trying to claim that people who -- after who knows how many years of suffering -- have been freed from the shackles of chronic pain...he's trying to tell us that they wouldn't be so EXCITED about their results that they wouldn't -- in OVER a year -- at least a FEW of them -- WOULDN'T get on the pain forums praising to HIGH HEAVEN the miracle of the bugzapper????...they WOULDN'T get on the forums to tell EVERYONE to try it?...in almost TWO YEARS?...HAW!...

    ...and not ONLY did people who had BAD effects post but ALSO people who had "no effect" -- they ALL made the special effort required to go on the forums and post about their results...that's what he would have expected?...

    ...normally, I'd think he was just joking...but knowing he's a CTT BAGHOLDER forces me to assume he's trying to be serious...

    ...may I suggest that for comparison, anyone visit ANY pain forum and search for either "SCS" or "spinal cord stimulator" and then casually review the posts...and while one will find an assortment of negative and neutral comments, you'll ALSO find MANY POSITIVE remarks...and that is pretty much what one would expect for ANY potentially effective device -- a VARIETY of comments with at least good representation by people HAPPY with the results...look for "calmare" and compare the reports from people who have DIRECT EXPERIENCE with the device -- neutral and negative comments in a ratio of 20-30 to ONE positive comment...get it?...HAW!!!...

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    • Razor, your stupidity is showing again. You always seem to make the most absurd, ridiculous statements I have ever read. Do you even think about what you're saying before you post it? HAW HAW HAW!!!
      So in the latest asinine comment, you're now comparing the amount of feedback for Calmare versus the amount of feedback for SCS? How many years has SCS been around? 30? 40? And how many years for Calmare? 1? 2? And how many places offer SCS and how many offer Calmare? Medtronic alone has claimed that over 250,000 of their stimultors have been implanted not to mention any of the other manufacturers. And how many people in the US have been treated with Calmare therapy? 500? 1000? I would guess it is well less than 1000. So there have probably been a half million people getting SCS and less than 1000 getting Calmare and you can't believe they don't have the same amount of feedback. HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!! Oops, I fell out of my chair laughing so hard at that one! Your stupidity knows no bounds!!! HAW HAW HAW!!!

      • 1 Reply to stockscout1965
      • ..."You're now comparing the amount of feedback for Calmare versus the amount of feedback for SCS?"???...uhhhhh, no...I'm comparing the RATIO of positive posts to negative and neutral posts...as I said, in the case of SCS, a review of the forums will show a diversity of responses with a ratio probably around 5 positive to 2-3 neutral to 1 negative...that's just a rough estimate from my survey of sites...

        ...but the bugzapper, on the other hand, the ratio is SKEWED so there in TWO YEARS there has been only ONE positive for about 12-14 neutral and 4-12 negative comments...one WOULDN'T reasonably expect an EFFECTIVE device to produce numbers like that...

        ...indeed, even IGNORING the neutral and negative comments, just where ARE are all the happy customers?...and I don't mean happy customers coming from websites trying to sell bugzapper therapy...

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