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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Oct 3, 2011 5:48 PM Flag

    Anyway, to celebrate my... transient ihub notoriety and to commemorate a simultaneously hilarious and pathetic act of desperation on CTT's part, I did something a little special...I sent out a letter...this is the first half:

    "May I suggest someone take a few minutes to review a device called the "Calmare" from this company:

    w w w .competitivetech. n e t

    ...which appears to be sold and distributed via:

    w w w.calmarett. c o m

    ...the device was approved as a TENS device by the FDA but the company maintains that it isn't a TENS device. Instead, they claim that it uses some sort of elaborate computer program to generate signals which causes neurons to send "scrambled signals" to the brain which, in effect, confuse the brain into believing that there isn't any pain. Judging from what I've read, it's utter nonsense and has no scientific basis whatsoever. Moreover, none of the studies so far could be considered to possess experimental designs sufficient to merit any claims of efficacy:

    w w w .calmarett. c o m /doctor/index.html#panelid=publications

    ...I'm particularly offended by its inventor:

    w w w .deltard. c o m/

    ...who appears to have been arrested for practicing medicine without a license in 1995 while treating AIDS patients with what sounds like another TENS device:

    archiviostorico . corriere . it/1996/aprile/01/BEL LEZZA_mio_Aids_punizione_Dio_co_0_9604013050.s h t m l

    ...and who appears to be a fraud in that he has claimed "MD, PhD" as well as "MD, DSc" degrees in the past:

    w w w .smj. o r g . sa/PDFFiles/Aug04/Delta20040158.pdf

    w w w .nutritionj. c o m /content/3/1/9/comments

    ...and most recently claims just a PhD:

    w w w .sperotherapy. c o m /pdf/Scrambler%2052-patient%20RCT_July2011_JPSM.pdf

    Yet CTT has acknowledged that he has no MD and while they claim that he does have a PhD, they refuse to identify what institution awarded it. Despite my best efforts, I can find no evidence that he ever even went to college. I've emailed him several times requesting a CV but he has never responded. If you examine the papers, you may note that studies where he was involved produced truly extraordinary success. He also has another machine that he claims can cure cirrhosis, remove scars, and reverse the effects of aging by using electric currents via superficial electrodes to somehow "reverse" entropy."

    ...see next post for the rest...

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