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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Oct 3, 2011 10:46 PM Flag

    Lawsuit against message board poster

    ..."Defendant has disparaged CTTC by describing the Calmare as a 'bugzapper'...?????...awwwwwww, did I hurt CTT's wittle feelings?...I'm sorry...

    ...gee, it's funny though, isn't it?...not ONCE can I recall CTT posting any objections to my calling it a fact, I can't recall CTT complaining about a single post of mine...and during all this time, not ONE gripe from them, and then suddenly they're suing some poor clown that doesn't even know CTT exists...HAW!!!...that's a riot!...

    ...BUT now I'm thinking now that maybe something ELSE is going on...when you think about it, it's really rather goofy to go spending good money trying to shut up a lone poster on a forum...if anything, it gives the poster added credibility...let's face it, neither "pumpers" nor "bashers" likely have much effect via forum postings so filing a suit a single poster without ever issuing any kind of response to them is tantamount to admitting the poster is correct...

    ...and it certainly did look bad whenever I posted and neither CTT, Marineo, D'Amato, nor any of the other CTT associated "professionals" would stand up and try to counter any of my arguments...or when I posted on Spero's facebook page just asking where Marineo got his PhD and they took it down immediately without any answer..., it seems to me like maybe CTT is looking for an excuse for something...kind of like when they sued the Arbitrator's Association in the MIDDLE of arbitration when they realized that Nano had a lock on his 750 they can just blame the AA for giving them a bad arbitrator..."We tried telling that arbitrator what a scoundrel Nano was, but he just wouldn't listen!"..., I ended up writing a small truckload of letters to various people at the VA and Congress demanding a review of that bugzapper contract...oh, wouldn't it be sumthin' if the VA actually listened to ME, took a look at the data and changed their mind! THAT would bring out some serious guffaws!...HAW!!!...

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    • So let's see if I call you a child molester on every message board and you don't refute it on every message board I guess your guilty according to your twisted logic.

      Fortunately the courts will see that a little different.

      So the only question left is are you a paid spammer or are you short the stock?

      I got to believe that whatever firm is lending you or your employer that naked short is getting a little nervous.

      One announcement by the Mayo Clinic,The University of Wisconsin, A national media source,the VA, Medicare or a major insurance company and your losses are infinite.

      How do you sleep at night?

      Could be a bloody October for the shorts.

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