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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Nov 2, 2011 5:33 PM Flag

    Mayo Clinic

    ...HAW!!!...that cracks me up!...I point out in a half-dozen places how electrodes or whatever on the back doesn't constitute a control for the bugzapper and low and behold suddenly a TENS on the lower extremities appears!...good to know someone's paying attention!...but still, that really ISN'T a control to demonstrate efficacy of the bugzapper...

    ...HOWEVER, it may demonstrate whether the bugzapper is superior to a TENS device...problem, though, are those TEN patients...TEN?...PLUS dividing them into two separate groups?...FIVE patients per group?...why not FORTY patients?...or more?...we're not talking about a complicated procedure, right?...and it ain't a real expensive procedure to carry out -- right?...

    ...and presumably they want to maximize the probability of showing any differences between groups aren't due to simple random variations in the population...and doing it right the FIRST time would be for the best -- don't you think?...and five patients is going to make that kinda tough...

    ...and without some significant differences, insurance companies probably aren't going to get real excited about coughing up 1500-2500 bucks when you can buy a TENS off Amazon for 30-50 bucks...

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