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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Feb 20, 2012 9:17 AM Flag

    HAW!!!!...over on ihub...

    ..."mog1962" posted:

    "While seeking verification of those Harvard and Columbia degrees, were you able to find any of his post-graduate publications or even those written together with his PhD adviser?

    I searched and found none.

    Can it be that peer-reviewed academic journals never found anything Dr. Taylor wrote worthy of publication

    Can it be that Dr. Taylor's research, now focused upon the many details of various corporations such as CTTC, as he finds them on the not always reliable internet (as evidenced by Wikipedia), does not pass muster as scholarly work?

    If either option is the case, can one be sure that his many claims, so much a focus of the CTTC v Taylor law suit, are also not founded on verifiable evidence while continues to demand that of others?"

    ...which apparently everyone considered "on-topic"...while "drddb" posted in response even though he obviously knew what was coming:

    ""Do not post about other users or other stocks." This note appears to require deletion in two ways:

    1. I don't believe that there is any indication that Dr. Raymond Taylor claimed to be an MD from Harvard or PhD from Columbia. Only rrtzmd, an anonymous poster, ever did that, if I understand correctly, so this note appears to be attempting to associate the one with the other, albeit indirectly.

    2. If point 1 is correct, then the rest of the note is intended to be a discussion of an anonymous poster, rather than the defendant in a CTTC law suit, which is off-topic."

    ...which apparently WAS off-topic since it was -- SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! -- DELETED!...HAW!!...go figure, right?!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!...

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