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  • succhiacazzo Feb 21, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    Dr. Christo seemed a bit skeptical...

    ...CTTC issued a PR about an interview Dr. Christo did regarding the calmare on his radio show.

    Dr. Christo was polite enough through the entire effort but FINALLY got around to saying that after reading about the device and interviewing the lady and Dr. Cooney, he thought the device "sounds too good to be true." -- as in "hint, hint."

    Of course, just considering CTTC has been promoting the thing for four years and still can't hardly give the thing away should tell you all you want to know about it being "too good to be true."

    I was disappointed he didn't just go ahead and challenge the device as a scam perpetrated by an Italian con artist, but for now I'll settle for the "too good to be true" cut.

    Dr. Cooney did come back with a lame reponse to the effect, "well, you see, the patient needs to be amenable to the therapy..."

    Amenable to therapy????

    What does that mean -- they need to be stupid and gullible?

    Or perhaps I should say stupid, gullible, and possessing $2500 in cash.

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    • That's funny I thought Dr. Christo was blown away. It sounds too good to be true could mean he was really impressed. And asking what is a negative about this. I am just seeing positives.
      Equally impressive is this very credible patient was referred by none other than Dr. Charles Loprinzi head of Oncology at The Mayo Clinic, who happens to be completing three studies on Calmare the 1st half of 2013. Why would he do that unless he was having great results? the patient said her durablility of of being free lasted for a year. Wow! I suggest a person listen to the show and not take a spammer's point of view who has been bashing the stock for years.

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      • succhiacazzo Feb 25, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

        No, I'm pretty sure anyone that listens to it will understand by his tone that Dr. Christo thinks the device is a joke.

        Even Dr. Cooney recognized it and that was why he responded to Christo's comment by saying that a patient "needs to be amenable" to the therapy in order for it to work.

        I wonder if Dr. Cooney explains that the patient needs to be "amenable" to the therapy BEFORE taking the patient's $2500.

        And that "credible patient" in the interview was Cynthia Chauhan, the lady who went to the Medicare meeting to testify in favor of changing the calmare's classification to a category with better reimbursement -- an effort you may recall that failed miserably.

        I doubt she paid the expenses she incurred with that effort out of her own pocket, so I'm inclined to bet she's become another one of CTTC's "consultants."

        If that's the case, she's hardly a credible witness to its effects.

        Also consider that she hasn't seen fit to broadcast her "successful" treatment anywhere else in the entire world -- at least anywhere else that I could find.

        It sounds to me that she only gets great results when she also gets a check from CTTC.

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