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  • succhiacazzo May 7, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Blackridge needs to get on the ball...

    ...considering that the volume the day after Blackridge's promotional blurb amounted to only around 18000 shares at an average price of around 37 CENTS, or around $7000 worth of stock changing hands, at that rate they won't be making make much pumping CTTC...

    Maybe they should hire Terry Bradshaw to do an "infomercial" promoting CTTC -- look at the wonders it did for CTTC's revenues, after all.

    Oh, wait, I forgot we can't do that since CTTC has STILL not filed its 10K for the year ending 12/31/12 -- now over five MONTHs since the end of the quarter and three WEEKS past the late filing date.

    One can only imagine what "evil this way comes" in that 10-K.

    Anyone care to guesstimate how many devices they sold in that last quarter?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You wouldn't know anything about a 100 share down tic today would you? Very suspicious trade. I guess all your spamming isn't working lately, so you took matters into your own manipulative hands. WOW! does that trade stand out! Every other trade today was .325 or higher. Who sells 100 shares of a .27 stock? Nobody, Unless they are a manipulator.

      Time and Sales for Competitive Technologies Inc. (CTTC) May 08, 2013
      Time Price Volume Market
      13:01:39 0.325 2500 OTO
      12:52:08 0.325 2500 OTO
      10:58:06 0.2701 100 OTO (manipulation)
      10:02:56 0.325 440 OTO
      10:02:47 0.3321 2500 OTO
      10:01:58 0.3351 4000

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