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  • succhiacazzo Jun 14, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    Another good laugh came...

    ...from a post by "slorian" on the "mdjunction" website where she says:

    "Hey, I have another great update - my doctor in New Jersey is now offering to not charge at all for the first treatment if it doesn't work!"

    Well, bless his heart!

    Of course, that must be Dr. Cooney since he's the ONLY calmare provider in New Jersey.

    Yessir! If you can't sell it, well, then, heck, just give it away!

    At least this way, he might actually be able to attract some patients.

    And she adds:

    "Before, all you would be out if you didn't respond is $250..."

    Gee, just $250?

    And here I heard insurance would cover that.

    Gosh, you have to wonder what all those people who paid $250 -- or more -- are going to think when they hear he's letting people get treatments for FREE.

    Odd though -- what with those 90 plus per cent success rates attracting leagues of patients from all over the country and that huge cash flow from insurance companies and Medicare reimbursing the therapy -- that he'd have to resort to such measures.

    And it surely can't help CTTC's prospects. I imagine potential customers would ask themselves whether they want to spend 50-75 thousand dollars on a machine only to perhaps find themselves having to give out FREE treatments in order to attract patients.

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    • Seems like a very reasonable policy. Most people will know 1st treatment if they are a good candidate for Calmare. Not much risk in that offer.If you are not a good candidate,don't continue, no harm done. If you are, continue the treatments. It appears a very fair way to do it.

      Let's talk about about cost. $500 a month or more for addicting harmful drugs,up to $2500 for an steroid injection that might last a couple of weeks or months if you are lucky(hopefully not infected by fungus), a $35,000 pain pump with harmful side effects, or $60,000 to $100,000 for a spinal stimulator that might last a year then you might have to have it removed, risky and invasive.

      Calmare is the clear NO RISK, LOW COST SOLUTION

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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