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  • favela808 favela808 Aug 2, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

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    Science teacher and uncle of chronic pain patient talks about Calmare Therapy
    Posted on August 1, 2013 | Leave a comment
    camare foot image with leadsSomeone was kind enough to forward this post they saw on the Internet that mentions me. I know who wrote it but I am happy to respect he and his family’s privacy. I found his methodology for discovering a drug-free solution for his niece’s pain very forthright and objective. Hope you don’t mind me sharing his point-of-view:
    I am a science teacher and got involved in researching options when I heard that my niece was going through this awful pain and was on track to get a spinal cord stimulator. Since I am very good at researching, I dove in for a few months and started looking for alternatives. Read about ketamin (looked risky), different kinds of drugs (side effects, and don’t address the underlying issue), saw the long term studies on spinal cord stims (the only randomized, controlled study was not so good long term, and it has definite risks for the surgery to introduce new pain sites), and a few others. I saw someone mention Calmare scrambler treatment a few times and decided to look into it.
    Personally, I like going to the controlled, scientific studies that are published in recognized pain journals, especially the Randomized Controlled Tests (RCT’s) that are the gold standard for research. The ones I found for Calmare have excellent results, and a large scale one is due out soon. I also saw that Mayo Clinic and U of Wisconsin Cancer center is using and doing studies with Calmare as well.
    I found a radio talk show program “Aches and Gains”, by Johns Hopkins Pain Specialist Paul J. Christo, discussing it (February 16, 2013), and saw several videos with patients who it had been successful for. I started researching the various practitioners to see who had been having a lot of experience with CRPS and choose Dr. Cooney. He was the one I found the most CRPS info for (and he turned out to be wonderful to work with).

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    • succhiacazzo Aug 3, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

      How kind of you to post yet another testimonial about the calmare.

      I'm kind of surprised Cooney didn't know about the post by "S's Aunt" on the neurotalk forum since she appeared there in April at the same time that "slorian" showed up.

      And goodness knows "slorian" sang the praises of Dr. Cooney and calmare.

      It was amazing how much she knew.

      Why, she even knew which therapists were giving FREE therapy!

      Nevertheless, I think I may have responded to the post by "S's Aunt" here already.

      I pointed out how sad it was that a "science teacher" couldn't recognize that the ONLY blinded, randomized, and controlled study of the calmare -- Dr. Campbell's study -- showed the device was NOT effective at treating pain and, in fact, couldn't even be distinguished from a "nontheraputic" sham.

      In any case, "S's Aunt" simply disappeared after the original thread was locked.

      I guess her enthusiasm wasn't sufficient to post anything anywhere else.

      Or maybe her niece's pain returned or maybe the check bounced -- one never knows about these anonymous posters, don't you agree?

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