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  • Jopeza_l Jopeza_l Aug 18, 1999 9:17 AM Flag

    All of you Frankel's suckers

    will be fried soon!

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    • satisfied me as the reasoning behind urging you to post on the bull. My near photo memory tells me you didn't. When will you ever learn to mind me? I know now, you are Dr. V.

    • For those who missed it, I posted this message on
      8/15/99-in response to IJFarnkle's message

      This predates Dr. Vierling's conference yesterday.
      Info is essentially the same:

      IJ Frankle- Thank
      you for the info.
      by: speedrunner199
      of 17898
      Unfortunately (may be fortunately), the
      info by CBIC (or who ever) is misleading and
      incorrect. It is true that
      1)PEG-IFN is given once a
      week 2) that IFN (by SGP) is given 3/wk. What is not
      true is that PEG-IFN is as
      effective as IFN and
      Ribaviron (RIBA) combo. IFN and RIBA combo is more
      effective than PEG-IFN. The
      major limiting factor in
      giving rebetron is not RIBA but IFN. IFN is very toxic
      drug having many side effects
      incuding depression,
      general malaise, muscle cramping, joint pains, and fever.
      In addition it is given as
      injection (thus
      inconvenient to administer). It is the intolerance to IFN that
      limits the usage of REbetron not
      RIBA. RIBA is not
      completely benign drug but has little additional side effect
      when added to IFN. RIBA
      does cause anemia (lowers
      blood count) and thus pts with severe anemia cannot use
      this drug.

      Why use the combo? Initially,
      SGP's IFN was approved for monotherapy, but because of
      it's low effectivenes
      (15 % sustained response)
      with great deal of side effects- it was not widely
      used. When given in COMBO
      with ribaviron
      effectiveness wa greatly enhanced ( 40 % sustained response)
      with no significant increase in
      side effect other
      than anemia. Thus, rebetron became the standard
      therapy. RIBA is given orally so it is easy
      to take.

      IS there other IFN available for Hep C? Yes,
      AMGN's consensus IFN is much better than SGP's IFN.
      has sustained response rate of about 30 % with
      less side effect. But because of higher sustained
      rate (40 %) with rebetron- It is the current
      standard. (In terms of efficacy- in ceratain strains of
      virus - non
      type 1- the efficacy of the combo is
      between 60 -90 %)

      How does the COMBO work and why
      use it? AS in current strategy for HIV therapy, RIBA
      inhibits virus
      replication while IFN stimulates body's
      immune sytem to fight off the virus- thus the two drugs
      complementary or synergistic. Why is PEG-IFN
      better? Mainly because it stays in the blood system
      longer- it
      can be given 1/wk rather than 3/wk.
      Initially, it was thought that it would have less side
      effect than IFN-
      Unfortunately PEG-IFN is having
      almost similar maybe slirhtly less than SGP IFN. PEG-IFN
      is expected to
      have similar eficay as the AMGN's
      consensus IFN.

      There is general belief that
      addition of RIBA to AMGN's IFN or PEG-IFN will increase
      efficay by about
      20-30 % since it acts at different
      site than IFN. (By the way, the PEG-IFN - RIBA combo
      clinical study is
      already under way) As some of you
      are aware, that is the criticism that SGP has
      received from Hep C
      organizations- not allowing AMGN
      to test RIBA with their IFN.
      As for the point
      that SGP will make more money from PEG-IFN versus
      combo- only complete idiot
      could believe that PEG-IFN would be more profitable.
      With SGP's IFN and
      RIBA, SGP will make all profit
      from IFN and partial from RIBA. WIth PEG-IFN and RIBA,
      they will make
      partial profit from PEG-IFN and
      RIBA- which is better than PEG-IFN alone. When PEG-IFN
      is approved,
      SGP will most likely comtinue to
      use Rebetron as the first line of therapy. Why?
      Because it is more profitable
      to them and the combo
      will have slight advantage in efficacy compared to
      PEG-IFN. It will most likely be
      used for limited pts
      that cannot tolerate the combo. It's main use will
      come when PEG-IFN and RIBA combo

      SOrry for the long message- but, I felt compelled
      to correct the misinfo on this board abd by
      news sources. I hope this helps.
      Good luck to
      all ICN investors

    • and I will put you in the class with Fender Bender on Yahoo/SEPR. You need to keep up with your $142 friends there since you were so polite to them.

    • do is blow your cover that you are not me or me am not you. It is physically impossible to post that fast by anyone other than Sal when he gets on a spamming binge.

    • my time. How am I going to look smarter than Sal
      when you upstage me? I thought you were my friend.
      Incidentally, get the 1-800 number and beat RTA to the draw.
      You are already one up on him on technical analysis.
      Well, I don't know about real technical analysis.

    • ask of 3/4.

    • your failure to get the answer to the $12,000,000 will no further response to any of your urgings. You can take that to the bank. I have more to do than sit around waiting on you.

    • by Solomon Smith Barney for its clients. Many on
      RB seemed confused like you. Some there thought it
      was put on by ICN at their request by SSB. A lot of
      mass confusion. Go there and read ijfrankel. Read D_Z
      who is good on the science of the matter but has
      opinions about trading action that may or may not be too
      solid. The outcome of the SSB CC is part of the reason
      for the uptrend today.

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