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  • berrygeorge51 berrygeorge51 Oct 1, 2011 4:12 PM Flag

    I will buy a lot more stock in the 1.30 range if possible

    even if there is no movement in October.
    I have another stock I am hoping that will payoff by October 31st and if it does I will buy as much of TTNP as I can if it is still in the 1.30 to 1.39 range at that point. (about 20,000 more shares if I can). I hope it won't be, but I will take advantage of the price if things don't progress this month.

    It is unbelievable that anyone out there wouldn't think that this stock is a good deal at this price.

    Even if it comes in as low as 2.50 after a merger or buyout , that is still one hell of a profit for a 1 to 6 month hold.

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    • I think 2.5 - 3 is looking like the new spike range.

      I was hoping for 4 - 4.5, but that just doenst look likley anymore given the recent landscape and mngmt's feet dragging until the last moment.

      IF THEY ANOUNCE another R%$Q#^$ bridge type financing deal in the next 1 - 2 months it will be chaos to the PPS.

      WE need a solid deal, a longer term certainty type of agreement that wont leave investors wondering about the next 6 - 9 months. This just creates volatility and depression in the stock.

      Who runs there own finances this way, its ludicrous not knowing how you will fund past 6 - 12 months.

      I will take 3 as much as its bitter that this stock cant command more than that, but I cant handle this mngmt anymore.

      I want out.

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      • Shred, the reason I finally sold some is partially because of the financing concerns. Without a partner or a buyer, management has to do something, and whether it's dilution (I've brought up that it might be huge dilution to pay off their loans AND have some cash) or another bridge loan with lousy terms and conditions, the risk here has gone up.

        One thing that the management hasn't had any control over - it's a crappy time to do a deal, and that's not management's fault.

      • I agree. I have sent messages to the company to put out a couple PR reports even if there is nothing new. Throw a bone to the stock holders. Let them know they are thinking of us. I believe they have enough money until the end of October but after that they will need to seek additional financing. It makes sence that they would take a deal before going after financing any other way. But October 25th is looming large for this company.

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