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  • dr.pharmer dr.pharmer Oct 6, 2011 12:38 PM Flag

    Oct. 24

    Predict the PPS.

    my guess is much higher than $1.15

    Screaming buy on this low volume move down.

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    • My track record on predicting pricing is so poor, it would rediculous for me to even try.
      I do not know if the price will run up prior to the meeting.
      My hope is that the meeting goes well and the stock reflects this news and the imminent announcement of a partnership or buyout.

    • Also as many fail to mention,there is an ongoing retreatment trial that will be part of any NDA filing.As many here assume results will be a slam dunk,there is no guarantee.
      So with the 500 patient data situation unresolved and an ongoing retreatment trial with results not announced here,and a market that has been volatile to say the least,this is why TTNP is doing poorly.

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      • sexylady the 500 patient "issue" has a solution, i have NOT validated the solution. which is: the 500 patients is accumalative over the course of the clinical trials. i honestly don't understand it all but novak gave an explanation in an earlier message. sounds reasonable again i have not confirmed. look this is typical bio tech fashion, there are no guarantees and YES the market is extremely volitile. people are nervous, this is a big risk. you risk big you win big. . .. or lose big. im betting on a win based on the evidence thus far. JMHO

      • That is crap. You make it seem like additional trials are ALWAYS required. I have heard nothing of additional trials.
        He is a quote from an FDA websie:

        (Phase 4): These are post-approval trials that are SOMETIMES a condition attached by the FDA to the approval.

        I have heard nothing where additional trials will be required during the actual approval process for TTNP.

        Anyone hear anything ? Ignore the bashers, only responsible info please.

    • I predict 1.75 on October 25th if NDA goes without bumbs.

      Merger - on Oct 25th or shortly there after - 2.25 to 2.50.

      Buyout - 4 to 5.

    • I need to make 1.99 per share to break even after expenses. (20,000) shares. I am still not worried but there are so many other good deals out there now I might be tempted to get out at 2.00 just to invest in something else.

      With the drop in share price a merger might only be worth 2.25 to 2.50, a buyout perhaps 4. I am definately locked in but am confident that Oct 25 or shortly thereafter will be a catalyst to the SP.

      But I hope we don't have to wait until FDA approval to get paid. I suppose I would have to wait if the SP stayed under 2 but in the end it will be worth it. I would rather see it sooner than later.

      Lets hope the NDA goes well with an announcement along with it.

    • Problem with this stock is the share price has decreased 80% from July and even if good news in October,share price would be lucky to see the 2.00's again.
      I think most longs are kinda trapped here and may be forced to buy just to average down.
      But with that goes great risk because no guarantee FDA meeting will be good news, nobody knows that answer yet.
      The bloodbath of Market recently and the unknown of what FDA is going to say to Titan has made this stock dramatically fall.
      GLT you guys..

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