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  • techtrader79 techtrader79 Feb 4, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    I'm out, stock being over promoted.

    This is turning into a newsletter pump and dump. Best to take profits here.

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    • Ever wonder how you managed 14 thumbs down so quickly??? Sheesh. PUMP and DUMP? Are you freaking kidding me? This company's stock has been sat on and/or manipulated down for the better part of a frigging decade!!! I know 'cause I've been here that long, longer than that. It has been the biggest bunch of manipulated B//S// I have ever seen in my years of watching stocks. In fact most of the trading actually seemed to defy logic completely. With the recent partnership it seems that down manipulation would only draw attention to what it really is, so bask in the attention it is bringing you jerk. Finally we have reached a point where we should have been long before the partnership announcement and you are claiming pump and dump? Hardly.

    • Good call, this one will go Back where it started at $1.52.

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    • What newsletter pumped it?

      Best to load up here.

    • It should be trading over $4. TTNP is still under priced. Don't fall for the BS.

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    • Not a chance pal. Buzz always creates buying frenzies BUT in Titan's case, this BUZZ is REAL. This stock has been down here on the OTC for a long time now. I've been following it closely for nearly four years, every single day. As such, and seeing as how your ID is so new, let me fill you in on a few things.

      Some other longs here like myself, suggest Titan's been kept under the radar for a reason, simply put, to create huge profits for a few. Easy enough to say, huh? Well again, I've been here every day for going on 4 years, studying and following Titan closely and from what I've seen, news has been used to suppress their SP, not enhance it. In fact, this appears to have been the number one activity by one or some group for a long time now because all during that time, every single time a positive PR was published due to a Titan milestone accomplishment, for instance the publication of Probuphine in JAMA (totally positive/very credible), the successful completion of P3b and its publication, the long standing negotiations that took place to partnership, etc., Titan's shareprice actually went DOWN, not UP as would be logical. Any fool knows this activity defies common sense, especially in a greed-based environment like the market. Were these the only examples I could cite, it might be considered a stretch, and some skeptics could still dismiss this veiw. But it's not. In fact, there are too many examples to list in a single post but they're all here; right here in the history of this message board and all its posts these past 4 or so years. Read for yourself.

      Read the SEC filings, listen to the CCs, study the science, the data sets, the presentations, read what industry professionals have stated about Probuphine's promise. Then take a REAL look at this business of addiction treatment, the recent behavior and decisions of RB, Suboxone's manufacturer, those of the NIH, the FDA itself and it's new war on opiate abuse....on and on and..... Buddy, there is nothing phony here.

      Maybe you think the shareprice is too high. Most longs and quite a number of others here would disagree with you adamantly on that one. And if this science ever reaches its true potential, and yes for now it's still an IF, this company is a veritable undiscovered gold mine in my opinion. One needn't take my word for it. There's more than enough evidence in the public domain alone to support that assertion.

      TTP(TTNP:PK,TTNP:OB, TTNP) all are the same comapany, these are just their different trading symbols over time. They had a setback in 08/09 (I blame it on Titan's poor management, specifically a single individual). That's how they got to the OTC. It happened with their FANAPT drug NDA rejection and they ended up losing most of its rights just to keep the doors open for completion of Probuphine (their most valuable assest). Instead of bankruptcy, they downlisted to the Pinks from AMEX just to keep the doors open and stay in the game. When VNDA got their FANAPT approved on the second FDA try, Titan used it's royalties from VNDA and NVS on FANAPT to parlay it's way into enough cash for completion of the Probuphine trials, finding a partner and making this NDA submission to the FDA. This time, they worked closely with the partner (a Big Fish) in the FDA submission. All that's said and done now.

      This isn't a new drug. It's a device delivering an already approved drug, buprenorphine, in a novel and abuse/diversion-proof way, all at a time when there's a virtual pandemic worldwide of opiate abuse, due in no small part to the illicit redirection of pain killers like Oxycodone. A couple of the major players in moderate pain like Darvon and Darvacette (on the market 35 years) have recently been pulled by the FDA, as has Subxone indirectly, and it the number one treatment for opiate addiction that exists. The entire pain treatment landscape is changing now, due to the problems created by pills, patches and films, all of which are favored by abusers. Titan doesn't need to prove effective superiority to buprenorphine, only effective equivalence, which if you read the scientist's opinions or read the JAMA article alone, you'll see it has done. Top it off with the FDA granting Probuphine Priority Review, (80% first time approvals for these) it's widely acknowledged need expressed by the US government alone, and no real competition anywhere nearby. Then add the potential for off-label use of Probuphine for pain, not just opiate addiction(lucrative in its own right) and the sky's the limit.

      Probuphine is a slam dunk guy, regardless any newsletter pumps. In fact, having been here as long as I have, I'd almost be willing to say that ANY news is actually suppressing the share price not enhancing it. By your statement you're either a basher or haven't done real DD here. GLTY in any case because you're definitely going to need it, since, if you're too stupid to see a profit opportunity like this one when you see it, you're the proverbial "fool and his money, soon to be parted."

      For the rest of you newbies, in my opinion the share price here is still a tremendous bargain because there's still plenty of room for price appreciation to come, MOST ESPECIALLY on approval, but even on a buyout. If you wait for an up list, you'll pay a lot more and profit less. Titan's not going to fail this time. Apple Tree/Braeburn are on this train now and they're not some 'fly by night' operation either. With 100 plus Millions of their dollars already publically committed to Probuphine by them and less than a 1% institutional ownership of Titan, one would have to be totally stupid to think this is some pump and dump. Right now investors are distinctly advantaged by this trading on the OTC because NASDAQ or AMEX won't provide for an investment purchase at these prices, that's certain. In fact, I'd say anyone who'd have you believe that this is some pump and dump has an ulterior motive or is a complete moron. Perhaps not the latter because one that stupid would have difficulty operating a keyboard.

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      • Awesome post jodie !! Very helpful to us newcomers here that see the potential here but still dont have all the facts... So thanks for that....

        lol sully

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      • that's what I call a post!!!!

      • Nice post, Jody, I definitely agree with regard to the crazy share price action after every piece of good news. I could never understand it but instead simply scratched my head and bought more shares when I sensed an opportunity - I would have sold if there was the right opportunity but it hasn't arrived yet, still more in a buying type of mood despite being above my basis. Now it is to close to market for much in the way of these continued games or manipulations I suppose and perhaps whoever wanted shares got them.

        I tend not to believe in conspiracies and manipulations and so on because it is what every stock loser cries the minute their hard earned investment heads south. I think the logic is something like its got to be a conspiracy because I know my own stock picking can't be wrong! However, irrational trading is a fact of life and we can either benefit from it or get rolled by it, all up to us and how we trade. As I've said before, the people who have been long this stock a while have been treated to so much irrational pessimism that we have trouble contemplating the possibility of fair valuation or heaven forbid, a little irrational exuberance. For me, I've been in this thing long enough and have ridden through so many stomach wrenching sell offs that I long ago wrote off any concept of a return on investment but rather just gritted my teeth and kept investing.

        We are really at the beginning of a new chapter of what is likely to continue with some crazy ups and downs though hopefully crazier on the up side this time. The yin and yang of the universe, karma itself is the law and balance is the ultimate result. Lets hope for that soon......

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      • sheesh jody right a dissertation to put a 'one line' loser basher in his place.

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