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  • happi_money happi_money Feb 26, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Ok Please, what is the Catalyst Here?

    Hi. I heard about this stock from another board and so far it looks impressive on a chart returning strong out of oversold territory during either our current market correction or what may be longer term reversal (which I am being convinced of every day). But I do not see any news about this company since Feb 15.

    I am a small player and cannot afford to watch my nest egg get scrambled by a volitile stock, even if I believe in it in the long term. I am not cut out for sustaining massive swings in my personal cap..

    Are there any long positions here who can share why this is a good place to park some money for a long time and not have to watch it every day to avoid getting my butt kicked.


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    • I too saw this on another board.... which means the spammers are out in full force trying to get people to buy. i'm not falling for that again.... espeically on an otcbb.

    • You're joking right? We are one month out from the adcom where we expect a favorable reception for this very new treatment in an extremely timely and high profile area. Opiate addiction destroys millions of productive lives and this treatment has the potential to help greatly in its treatment - there is huge unmet need and huge potential. Two phase 3 studies looked great and its an already approved drug so relatively smaller questions remain. The company just signed a very big partnership with 50 million on approval alone. Fast track status has already been granting and the drug is up for approval very soon. Look at the market cap of the company and do your own comparisons for valuation - I am quite comfortable holding here!

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      • I compliment your choice and fortitude. I am not joking. I am looking for an entry point. I don't like the games played over at PPHM that just suffered a complete retracement of its recent 100%+ runnup and with news that its cancer drug actually did have a tumor response rate and MOS increase on hopeless patients dying of Pancreatic and Lung cancers with liver involvement. With all due respect, I am looking for an entry point in an effort to land on a promising pharma and stay there for a while, and one month away is a millenium when trading stocks. I want to be long in something but I am not cut out for having my personal cap worth slapped around like a fool.

    • Thankks permit and nowak. Thumbs up for both of you showing signs of intelligent life on this board! I like the findamentals of the company and that they are weathering the storm caused by Washington DC "playing chicken" with the world economy on this sequester business. DC is like bashers on steriods and when they bash each other over the economy of the country the tide of the entire market goes out and all the boats drop down with it. But not so for TTNP. It is defying gravity here with no news item. Very strange. Maybe some shorts are nervouse and quietly took their profits and moved on to greener pastures, or more likely, jumped out of TTNP and piled on to PPHM and others that have been tanking in the past week; PPHM almost a 25% drop in two days. Its the same behavior when we see a solid company's stock dropping for no reason and then afterward speculating that it was probably just a bunch of traders who jumped ship to ride a spike/runup in the market elsewhere. All JMHO of course trying to figure all of this out over the years.I am trying to be careful here.. Thank you!

    • Go with the technicals. The chart is bullish. Volume is picking up. $2.25 to $2.36 looks possible for tomorrow and $3 next week.

    • First, I hate posts like these. Do a little bit of research on your own before you start asking for some advice.

      Second, they have an AdCom on March 21 and FDA approval on April 29...

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