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  • nowak488 nowak488 Feb 28, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Real Question

    Why did they release the rates now?

    Maybe they are looking to uplist and want the pps to be over $2 once and for all? They need 90 days over $2 to get on the Nasdaq.

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    • I agree with you Jon. The facts of this disclosure are most likely less important than the timing. It most certainly was NOT an unintended action due to some former oversight. I also doubt it was a response to an SEC complaint as has been suggested.

      I think the panel in March will finally pacify most of the naysayers' concerns, mine included. If things go as planned, I'll be in that room in Bethesda the 21st. It's a chance to look into the eyes of SB and MR and see for myself their sincerity, among other things. I will also be sensitive to the tone and mannerisms displayed by the panel members, something that doesn't come through in transcripts. Since I have business in DC that week anyway, I plan to attend on one of my two days off.

      The board can count on at least one FIRST hand account but it will be just one investor's viewpoint I'm sure. I also wish to note the presence of certain other individuals including analysts, media and identifiable finance types, as all of them will bring pressure to bear on trading from that meeting forward to 4/30 or a CRL.

    • It probably had something to do with my SEC complaint that they should be required to disclose the royalty amount.))

    • Wallstreet loves clarity and now this takes away the veil of secrecy surrounding the royalties.
      Sunil doesnt have a great reputation for financial deals being advantageous for his company and individual investors-Now we know the deal was truly a fair deal so this can only help the stock down the road here.
      I dont know why info was finally released today but it could be as simple as Braeburn finally allowed them to disclose the terms at this time.
      Stay tuned for Braeburn's website focusing on Probuphine which should be available online anytime within 1st half of March.

    • nowak.......good question, but I don't have the answer. I am VERY HAPPY to learn of the rates, as they were a little higher than I was anticipating. They were more in line with the kind of rates you (and others) were projecting. I'm pleased that you guys were right, as it is fair to assume that 15% would have to be the lowest possible rate now. GLTA!

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    • Interesting thought!

      Geez, I totally forgot about uplisting potential, when that happens, we will all be smiling!

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