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  • lovebumper.50cents lovebumper.50cents Mar 1, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    here is the braeburners sside of the cooker

    braeburner sells 200million in revenues of probuphine,, they add in consultations fee, lisencing fee to any administation involved, possibly a yrly check of prgress to the doctors,, for every million in revenues add in 17% in add-ons conservatively!(it actually be alot more if braeburn could own the office buildings/administation/doctors on salary/ type of deal) so for the 1st 200 million i saying ttnp gets (i ll be generous 16%) thats 32million
    now for braeburn on 200 million in revenues thats 136million plus the 17% add-ons another 34million minus expenses i would make a rough ballpark estimate of 35million a yr so math poleasee
    braeburn take on my estimates 135million overall profit (nontaxed) out of 200 million in revenues(very good braeburn!)
    ttnp 32million most will be tax exempt at this point!
    the 50 million on approval i leave out of the equation i believe this money will be used (long side of ttnp) for probuphine for pain,, it be close to get that done!,, i belive there be more money involved if probuphine was used for pain on the critically ill or not long to live demographic

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    • are you confusing braeburn with bain capital?

    • Bumper has a short problem:
      He's short the stock and losing his #$%$
      He's short on writing skills
      He's short on ethics
      Most importantly, he's short on facts

      Please read this poster's views for entertainment purposes only

      • 2 Replies to powderday420
      • Hey Powerday420, you forgot old Fiddy Cents' SHORT ON INTELLIGENCE but I suppose that goes without saying....GLTY

      • Why in the world would Braeburn pay Titan a % of any money they make off of running addiction clinics? Did Titan put up the capital to finance the purchase or real estate? Did they pay to hire doctors and administrative staff?

        IF Braeburn set up a system to treat patients then they deserve the entire profit from it. That would be HUGE for Titan! Think about it. Our partner is so dedicated to the product that they are willing to set up an entire addiction treatment business with clinics, doctors, and support staff. We'd have the best partner in the world and a guaranteed revenue stream.

        What an amazing opportunity that would be for Titan.

    • On $200M of sales, you are computing a profit of $135M for Braeburn and $32M for TTNP, or $167M toytal profit? That's over an 80% profit margin. Wow! Probuphine will be the most profitable product in the history of business.

    • I don't agree. As Nowak reiterated, the royalties are based on net revenues which are net of allowances for damaged or missing product, discounts allowed, or return of unused product. Any other expenses, including consultation fees are Braeburn's expenses. According to the initial press release announcing the partnership deal with Braeburn, Titan clearly stated, "Under the terms of the agreement, Titan will remain responsible for any expenses associated with the support of the current NDA review process. Upon completion of the FDA review process, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals will assume all responsibility for commercialization and further clinical development of Probuphine in the U.S. and Canada." Titan's royalties are calculated prior to the additional expenses that you are suggesting. I guess it is not difficult to understand why you continue to try and "cloud the waters," and outright bash since you are short; however, strong ethics has never been one of your considerations when trying to make money.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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