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  • bolivarsam bolivarsam Mar 1, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    Why is it.....

    that when the bid is hit, it's taken out and the pps drops but when the ask is hit over and and over again, the ask doesn't change?

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    • *If FDA does not approve, they are pure evil

    • As an overnight pharmacist in the retail setting, I can say wth certainty that Probuphine should be approved. However, I am not sure it will be approved, as the doctors make more money by perpetuating addiction, not curing it. One would think that ending this epidemic (via Probuphine) is worthwhile, but what we are seeing with the price does not make sense. It is possible that the government/FDA, in conjunction with medical practices nationwide, have ulterior motives here (money?), and therefore will fight against approval for a treatment that actually works. This obviously sounds ridiculous, as narcotic addiction costs us not only billions of dollars, but countless lives as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    • It's supply and demand. If there are 10,000 shares in buy orders with 5,000 at 1.94; 3,000 at 1.93 and 2,000 at 1.92 and 100,000 on the sell side with all at 1.95, then the buy price will drop as orders are filled while the ask price will remain the same. The ask price will not increase until all folks wanting to sell at $1.95 have been satisfied. In other words, there are more sellers of TTNP than buyer now so the price is getting pushed down not up. That will change in dramatic fashion if TTNP gets positive AdCom and FDA approval but not much to move the stock until then. The stock is up big over the last 90 day....relax, enjoy the gains and, dare I say, take some profits off the table like a lot of other folks appear to be doing.

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      • I don't believe it is all profit taking it is too organized the price is being held up for someone who is selling. they want to get at least a certain price so they keep the ask were it is. I am guessing it is the warrant holders selling there share. when do we have such high volume. ?? many are not selling using market order they are selling orderly for the seller. it easy for the warrant holder as they can short and cover later.. this stock should be higher imo

    • Someone mentioned this previously. Search for "Dark Side of the Looking Glass" on youtube and watch the videos. Wonder if that is what's going on....

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    • Titan stock is way up if you compare the SP to most of last year. People are taking money off the table. The volume is good for Titan and we have enough buyers to keep the SP fairly stable. Hold on the selling will stop and we will see SP jump.

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    • Depends on requested volume of the bids and asks and the market's behavior. The volume being displayed is not always 100% accurate for whatever reason. And the behaior of the bids and asks will flip flop depending if their is a bull market or bear market going on with the stock. What you are describin is a low volume bear market for TTNP

    • If I had to guess and I know nothing about this stuff, the person selling or representing the seller has a large block, say like 1 million shares. They don't put all those shares up to show the world but rather as soon as 5k or whaatever gets taken out, they pop another 5k up, etc. With #$%$ otc trading volume, it would be hard to get rid of a large chunk any other way. I still surmise that because Titan is a biotech that has been around a long time and been low price forever that there are a lot of ex-Titan execs with shares that have set around for a long time and they are unloading at least some of them, can't blame them, I wouldn't want all my money in one small company. After the unloading is done and real news comes and we see huge volumes, this stock will explode and I think even us long time longs here will be quite shocked by how fast this stock can move up. There are so, so many positive developments that the stock price has not reflected...............

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      • So there are invisible sellers but not invisible buyers?
        There aren't that many institutions holding TTNP shares.
        You'd think the opposite would be true, that some institution wants in and is accumulating shares with stealth buy orders.

        Titan was founded in 1992. The former execs Bucalo, Farrell and Kapp did not have that many shares. If they still have shares that they had when they left years ago, they could sell them in a half day and it wouldn't cause a blip in the volume.

      • i hae not sold my share yet but wondering if the smart guys are selling at the right time.. look at all the selling at $1.95 yes there buying but it did not budge any higher again. my thought when the bi seller is gone without news the buyer leaves as they got there share and we may drop big seem to be the way ttnp stock act. WE have so many great stories unfolding but why are we off the high of $2.53. Seems to be totally controlled by he seller at this point. they get the $$ they want. There are buyers but they can't get this higher with all the buying.. will volume drop off big time when seller is done and it drops . I would buy more. I think the seller does not want any risk they are making money my guess the warrant holders.

    • Someone has more shares to sell on the ask, but the bid, once hit, no longer does? It's simple.

      The pps could go higher, but someone is content to sell here. If it went higher, they'd have to compete with many more people.

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