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  • joshalex55 joshalex55 Mar 1, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    all shares bought at $1.94 now 100 ask at $1.95 more like unlimited ask

    how does this happen. ? We all think ttnp should be much higher why aren't sellers waiting for this to be much higher? why would they sell now if they thought this was going higher? My guess they are not risking anything like we are they are taking profit and running with it. I would think they would wait for higher, but they don't so we ask why they selling? Most people seem to be holding there share not selling it this big seller causing all the fuss.

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    • NITE is known for naked short selling.
      They can continue selling until buyers dry up.
      Then drop the price, take out stop losses, scare out traders and cover at much lower prices.
      That's American capitalism at work called screw the little guy.
      We need not fret though, the SEC is looking out for us.

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      • Not denying naked short selling in Titan but I think this is warrant holders taking profits....bird in the hand. Also, some probably think Titan will continue it's long-term pattern of extreme peaks and valleys but those days will end abruptly and without warning.....not a good thing if you find yourself without a chair when the music stops......

      • You think they will be able to drop the pps and cover the millions of shares they've shorted over the last few weeks?

        No, there are too many catalysts in the near term for that to happen. If they drop the price 10 cents you have many new buyers willing to step in.

        This is the warrant holder selling their shares.

        Stop having conversations with yourself.

      • great post but I am no selling to them . I think you got it spot on. they keep selling till buying dries up then take out stops scares out many those shorting cover lower making money

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