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  • prospector2020 prospector2020 Mar 1, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Naked shorting and Nite

    I wonder if there is some kind of connection. It seems too much of a coincidence that the price is being kept just below the magic $2 level. So if there has been naked shorting, how can it be exposed. Where are the experts on this?

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    • That's the one thing that is curious about this. If it was the warrant holders selling, I don't see the motivation to keep it below 2. In fact, they would be better off to sell right above 2 (they can sell more if TTNP gets listed on the NASDAQ). So who would have incentive to keep it below 2? Perhaps the MM's who wanted to keep it on an exchange that they can make more money on trades, even during the runup on approval. Perhaps someone who wants to buyout the company, but doesn't want to offer a premium above the price that would happen if all of this buying was not countered by constant selling (shorting), and wants to keep it off the NASDAQ where the buying would break the back of the selling/shorting. But, maybe it's just a coincidence that the price is hovering just below 2. Strange things do happen.

    • "I am the firm's head of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance. I am happy to speak with you regarding your concerns related to Knight Capital Americas LLC's activity in symbol TTNP.

      Jeffrey Weiss

      Call him and get the scoop.

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