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  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Mar 18, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Lets see if we can keep it abo ve $2 until tomorrow. Remeber, the notes are releases on the 19th, the AdCom the 21st, and the PUDFA on 4/

    If the numbers are a slow rise until then, I think we have lift off. Someone always lets the numbers slip out b4 the general public knows. With heavier volume and higher highs and higher lows, we should know the general direction.

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    • Huh? What numbers are you talking about? The AdCom's decision won't be final until the end of the meeting, so I fail to see how that could "slip out."

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      • On March 19th, all the pages of materials are given to the PDAC, psycopharmacologiac drug advisory comitte.

        PDAC, then reviews the info, and advises the FDA hoe positive or negative to consider the release into the field for use. This is on the 21st.

        The FDA, meets to decide again on 4/30, PUDUFA.

        My take is this. Phase 3 trials have been received well.
        Notes have been taken on the results of phase 3 trials.
        Notes are being compiled, or have been already, and doctors talk to each other and the big pharma companies.
        If someone is in the loop, they know what is "potentially" a good bet.
        Not saying anything is for sure, just more than likely of the conversion warrants by Nite into stock, and based on the findings being positive in phase 3 trials. Just my take to the best of my understanding.

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