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  • dxjasonamp2001 dxjasonamp2001 Mar 20, 2013 1:13 AM Flag

    Safety Issues

    Not trying to be negative but this doesnt sound to good...

    The Norplant label describes the nature and frequency of adverse events related to
    insertion and/or removals as follows:
     Removal difficulties affecting subjects (based on 849 removals): 6.2%
     Pain or itching near implant site (usually transient): 3.7%
     Infection at the implant site: 0.7%
    With respect to literature, one comprehensive review5 on adverse events from clinical
    trials for Norplant and other implantable progestins is summarized below:
     Removal complications occurred in up to 14.8% of users, mostly due to fibrous
    pericapsular sheath formation around the implant or due to implant breakage, deep
    placement or migration. In 0.8% of users, the procedure required a second incision or
    was not successful, i.e. not all the implanted rods could be removed.
     Removal complications in comparative studies between Norplant and Jadelle (two
    rods) were 6.9% for Jadelle and 14.8% for Norplant, respectively.
     Removal complications in comparative studies between Norplant and Implanon
    (single rod), were 0.2% for Implanon and 4.8% for Norplant, respectively.
     Infection rates with Norplant insertion in most studies were less than 0.5%, but two
    studies reported infection rates 1% or greater. Most infections occurred within the
    first two months (65%), but infections have been reported two years after insertion.

    Correct me if I am wrong. From the Breifing Doc.

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    • Most the side effects that are bothersome are less than 1% and even then aren't considered serious life threatening reactions. Implanon is a sub dermal device in use so these delivery systems aren't foreign or unheard or. Place your bets boys! I knew this would go down today but no way did I dream this much! Bought 80K shares at 1.21. I consider those to be never expiring options. Risk vs reward is very favorable in this situation, unless of course you took a beating today. In that case I'd either average down or pray for the best.

      Big gains a coming! I can hear the cash registers, cha Ching cha Ching, with this one...

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