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  • pohba2000 pohba2000 Mar 28, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

    sorry guys.......

    i bailed today. with the adcom out of the way, I can't see any impetus between now and late April that will cause this to trend up. I'm thinking around April 20th, I'll get back in.....hopefully in the $1.30 range.

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    • Could go either way. Personally see no reason for there not to be a run-up. Often a run up has a period of price softeness followed by steady gains and with a catalyst in a month there will be people who want to take that bet and I think the chances of a REMS delay are extremely low. Nobody wants to see that and it looks like it is easily avoided. Also manufacturing of this type of strip is well understood so likely no nasty surprises around the bend. We are looking at an SRPT run up only quicker bc the date is known.

    • Thats cool.... some people trade some people hold. Everyone does what they need to do, its your money. I sometimes trade and sometimes hold. Just gonna hold this one and wait. We need holders now and we need buyers a a couple/few weeks.... again its your money so you gotta do what you do.

    • well, in case you Einsteins haven't figured it out yet, Nowak and jodiesandy have been trading this the past couple of weeks....they have both admitted it here. My plan was to sit tight until late April. Then I got to thinking, this thing seems to be drifting lower, what's going to change this over the course of the next 4-5 weeks nothing. So why not sell now, HOPE it goes lower, then buy back as approval gets closer???'s a change in my stategy. Maybe I'm right....maybe I'm wrong. I can live with it either way. You guys sit tight if you want. I am sharing my genius with you of charge!!

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      • PoohBrain: You haven't a clue what I trade or do not trade and while completely irrelevant what you think, for your information, I am a long here on this board (as in longer than even NOWAK). Some have been posting here longer than me but not many. I've swing traded Titan through the years but have made no secret of that fact. I believe shorting is criminal, regardless market opinion and DO NOT trade in that manner. It's a genuine fool, or some person wealthier than me, who buys and holds this kind of stock for years at a time. Sorry, but while I'm not a poor man, I surely would become one quickly by being so reckless as that in my investing. When an investor buys a position at a high price and sells at one lower, that makes him/her a loser in that investment. When one buys low and sells high, that makes him/her, at least in the case of Titan anyway, an extremely lucky investor. You don't know me from Adam but I am not the kind of man who lies, cheats or steals for money. You'd have me confused with market makers if you think that. I don't pump while selling or bash while buying. If you review my posts you will see that I call them like I see them and like most everyone else, sometimes I get things wrong. That makes me human, nothing more or less. As for the due diligence that I've done on Titan, buster I guarantee you I've forgotten more about this company than you could learn in the next two years, so mine is an "informed" opinion. I have never expressed myself to be an expert or an insider and neither of those things are true. Before casting stones you'd be well advised to consider this forum is a public one and while some can be influenced, even intimidated using words, others cannot. You'll find, should you hang out here very long, I am definitely NOT one of the latter. You have but to read in order to learn who I am, should you actually care. And you may find my posting history under the IDs Jodiesandy and Jodiesandy1.

      • By the way, your the same as the guy who said it was headed to 1.40 and that nothing was going to change over the next few weeks to make that not occur.

        Guess what? We ran to 2.52 the next day!

      • I sold at the open (for a significant haircut) when the documents were released and bought back a few hours later.

        I wouldn't call that trading.

        Either way, I'm not here screaming "long and strong DO NOT SELL!!!".

        If you don't feel comfortable then sell your shares. If you want to hold then hold them. No one cares. The point is that there is no reason to pretend that you are holding for 4.25 or bust when you know that that isn't true. We all know it, so please don't waste your time.

        Just do what you do and leave us out of it. This board has good discussions, but people like you ruin it for weeks at a time.

    • Here's another good one..
      Reply to What is your price target? by pugg911 •Mar 24, 2013 6:06 PM
      pohba2000 • Mar 24, 2013 10:42 PM

      I can pretty much guarantee you won't lose a're in cheap.....let your profits run. I'm in @ like $1.90....I'm sitting tight till $4.25.....roughly 5 weeks or so...
      Friday was a nice stable's about time. Just sit and watch for a while.

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      • Jon,
        I appreciate your posts here and your recent article was very nice. I am holding with a weighted cost of $1.88. My view is that investors are not buying right now as many believe that approval will be delayed beyond 4/30 in order for the REMS to be revised by Titan and the FDA. They think that enough traders will sell on that news that they can buy in at a lower price. Also, some may have recalculated the likely revenue based on satisfying only 75% of the available market and feel that the current price is, over the next couple of years, about right. Based on my calculation that breakeven is at revenue of around $130-$150 million, I believe a share price of $2.50 is reasonable. TTNP will use their $50 million plus cash already on hand to pay off debt and for cash burn until they do reach profitability. I think an overshoot in the share price to $3.00 or above is likely on news of approval. I have not considered sales outside of the U.S. in my estimates.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Interesting...just 6 days ago...

      by pohba2000 • Mar 22, 2013 9:03 AM
      Now is when you want to hold tight. Set a mental sell point in your head. Stick with it. Not selling with have a great affect on the share price. SIT ON YOUR HNADS!! My sell point=$4.25

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      • yep....that was the plan THEN. Things change.....for example, the stock price has softened. And this convinced me to change MY strategy. It is o.k. if I decide what I do with MY money? If you want to hold.....go for it. I think my strategy makes perfect sense. You think yours makes perfect sense. Time will tell, and I'm cool with that.

    • 2 weeks on the MB and good riddance!

    • So leave. Big Deal.

      The biggest reason I am happy staying with Titan is because I don't waste my time or energy looking over my shoulder every day to see what the latest positive or negative "catalyst" might be. And, btw, that latest and manipulated 40% drop and recovery was nothing unexpected from a bulletin board stock that is in its beginnings of becoming a ten banger. People want in.

    • This is why you will die poor.

    • Cya...

      FWIW, no one is fooled by you guys and you have no impact on the pps. Next time, don't try so hard to pretend to be something your not. No one here thought you were a long, so why waste the time?

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