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  • yiorgo68 yiorgo68 Apr 3, 2013 8:34 PM Flag

    what is happening

    is very simple,the volume has dried up and we all waiting for Apr 30th and the MMs are playing their games. Will it be a delay? maybe,maybe not. Titan had already working on a new REMS prior to the ADCOM. The FDA wants this approved and they will. My opinion the day will be Apr 30th. Now lets talk PPS...why is it at $1,50. History has proven that the approval doesn't mean anything if the REMS is bad. There are a FEW that they believe that probuphine will not do as good as titan thinks.......well no one can tell.....really. Will it do 100,200,300 etc mill? time will tell. Lets go back and see DNDN approved but low sales, VIVUS approved but low sales, ARNA is next,look at AFFY,approved and recalled...can you imagine how many people lost money? with these small bio companies? For the PPS to go to $6-and higher probuphine needs to prove its self with good sales.
    The PPS will go up soon,with in a few days or so we will see an uptrend and be Apr 30th it should be above
    $2.50, but it doesn't stop there, Titan will move on so will the PPS. Titan will get $50mil,then they will move ahead with their plans,Pain,parkinson's,row,more partnerships,etc. If you are not a penny flipper you have nothing to loose but more to gain. The partnership turned out to be better then we thought. Titan will have close to 80mil and even more after approval. That alone is @1 per share. In my book this is going to be approved. Nowak posted some great articles go and read some DD don't look at the PPS it means nothing at this point. Titans stock is been manipulated for the longest i can remember,once we move to AMEX or NASDAQ most of these games will end. Many will get caught without any shares, don't sell don't be a fool, the MM is playing games.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Sorry, I've been looking at the PPS since adcom, and it's been sending me a loud, clear, and very meaningful message that I've been heeding.. ............LOAD 'EM UP!

      Keep in mind that, instead of a CRL, a PDUFA delay would most likely mean approval

      Manipulators will let this go up again next week or thereafter. Wallstreet and their machines are now played by US and international syndicates. The only way to profit from them is to buy when they pull it so low.

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