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  • settoplunge settoplunge Apr 11, 2013 7:53 PM Flag

    For All the INO Pumpers:

    as posted by HugoChazev:

    "I'm also excited about INO's potential, the potential for the stock to continue to be massively diluted while the pps sinks to new lows.

    The Company was founded 30 years ago, yet it's most advanced vaccine is in P2. If that doesn't raise red flags for you, then how about the massive dilution? The fully diluted share count is 233 million, and that's after a 1 for 4 reverse split!

    The CEO's compensation the past year was nearly $1 million and the top four executives received $2.4 million. They might be the only humans who have made money in INO. Shareholders have watched the stock price crater from $50.00 to $0.50.

    Five years from now, if the Company gets a vaccine approved, will it even matter? At the current burn of $20 million annually, there will be north of 500 million shares outstanding then. Management is prepared for that eventuality and asked shareholders to approve an increase in the authorized shares to 600 million.

    The significant potential that is evident in INO is for shareholders to continue losing money, as they have for the past three decades."

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    • I thought Hugo died. How is he still posting?

      And 1999 to 2013 is how many years?

      Anyway, Titan went from $65 in 2002 to the pittance it is today so you could draw analogies. The only investors that ever made out on Titan seem to be Louie the Buc and Lovie the Florida fisherman.

      Anyway I like INO. Such great volatility.

      Just remember Set, buy low and sell high. Or is it the other way around? So confusing.

    • I must've been mislead, 40 cents to 59 cents didn't happen then. And Dr. Kim doesn't have 4 degrees, and didnt work at Merck. As a matter of fact, the entire company is a hoax and their website post lies.......!!!

    • More from Hugo:

      "In 1979, INO was a Canadian company, Concord Energy. Then it became United Safety Technology. After that it was Consolidated United States Technology. In 1983, when biotechs were hot, it morphed into Genetronics Biomedical and hyped its electroporation technology.

      In 1999, the Company conducted two P2 trials using its electroporation system and 22 million shares were outstanding. Fast forward 24 years to 2013, the Company is now known as Inovio, and it is still only in P2 peddling its failed electroporation technology, but now the share count is the equivalent of over 900 million shares.

      We are speaking about a Company that has camouflaged its past and a Company that has inflicted hundreds of millions of dollars of losses on trusting investors.

      In 5 years, will the Company be reincarnated as a green energy company or will it still be in P2 peddling its 30 year old failed electroporation technology to a new crop of unsuspecting investors?"

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      • Let's play rearranging deck chairs. Is that a fun game?

        Inovio which was formerly Concord Energy, United Safety Technology, BTX Inc., Genetronics and numerous other names is really VGX Pharmaceuticals? Is that your brilliant spin? Let's sweep Inovio's sordid history under the rug and let's go with the thesis that Inovio is really VGX.

        What do we know about VGX? It was founded in 2001 as Viral Genomix and then changed its name to VGX Phrmaceuticals. In 2005, Inovio acquired an equity interest in VGX. In 2007, VGX's lead drug, PICTOVIR a/k/a VGX-410c failed in P2 and further trials were discontinued. In 2009 Inovio held a 19.65% equity interest in VGX and the two companies agreed to merge.

        VGX is what you are crowing about? You might have a better case arguing that Inovio is really Concord Energy.

        Inovio now owns a 30% interest in VGX International, a company that was founded in Korea in 1976. Its lead drug for the swine flu is in P1. It has taken VGX 37 years to get a drug into P1. VGX and Inovio are a match made in heaven. When the swine flue makes a reappearance 40 years from now, it will be huge for INO!

        In Oct. 2011, the following announcement was made:
        " -- Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE Amex: INO), a leader in the development of synthetic vaccines against cancers and infectious diseases, announced today that it has entered into a product development collaboration agreement with its affiliate, VGX International Inc. (KSE:011000), to co-develop Inovio's SynCon® therapeutic vaccines for hepatitis B and C infections.

        Under the terms of the agreement, VGX International will receive marketing rights for these vaccines in Asia, excluding Japan, and in return will fully fund IND-enabling and initial phase I and II clinical studies. Inovio will receive payments based on the achievement of clinical milestones and royalties based on sales in the licensed territories and retains all commercial rights in all other territories."

        That's precious! INO has a partnership agreement to potentially receive royalties from its own subsidiary.

        Observe the following three rules and you'll never again have to watch you stock drop from $50.00 to $00.50:
        1) NEVER buy a stock that has had more name changes than Elizabeth Taylor had husbands.
        2) NEVER buy a stock that has had a reverse stock split.
        3) NEVER buy a stock that had 44 million shares in March 2009 and 233 million shares in March 2013.

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