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  • derekcollesano derekcollesano May 8, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Our friend like Nowak

    are the most destructive force on this MB. I have been reading the posts for a very long time now and this is my first time posting. I couldn't resist posting this, have been wanting to do this for quite some time.i have lost a ton of money in Titan and now just optimistically waiting to recover. Here's the summary of the so called "expert" Nowak's actions -

    - First he goes all out praising and screaming about the positives of Titan from the rooftops on this message board as well as with those SA articles.
    - A week before the FDA date, he urges one of the other members Cameron to buy more shares to break the $1.80 barrier to help out fellow Titans
    - the very next week he sells majority of his shares at $1.93 for a profit before the FDA outcome. Just a couple of days before this he was urging Cameron to buy more shares at $1.80+...... Jeez....
    - after the FDA debacle, he starts posting things like Braeburn might walk out creating more panic
    - now he is back saying he bought more shares on the dip and again with all the positives, blah blah

    He is worse than those pathetic bashes as with his posts and writing he comes across as someone genuinely informed and gives out the vibe to the naive investors as someone's opinion you can trust on.... But completely with his horrible changing of stance (most likely for personal gain).....

    Nowak is the most destructive force on this board. Period.

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    • You are absolutely 1000% correct!!! Nowak and jodiescandy.......they are both clowns. Nowak is lying his #$%$ off....pretending he's in, but he's really out. I doubt if he knows if he's in or out.
      0 credibilty... jodiescandy.....he lives in a trailer down in FL...makes a living bagging groceries down there. He's a windbag and a blow-hard. DO NOT listen to these 2. They are both full of it. If you follow their posts closely, they contradict what they post all the time. And then they try to pass themselves off as "the authorities" on TTNP.

    • You do make some good points for the recent actions by Nowak. However he has been here a long time and been mostly reliable. There is no Jesus on this MB or any MB. We are all here for our own self interest; and many of us trade and sometimes, legitimately change our minds. I don't think Nowak lies but he probably is selective about what he says at any particular time depending on his current holdings. The arguments he put forward were true at the time, and still true mostly. He sold off some of his holding just before the CRL; this was common sense and I wish I'd done the same. Don't trade on what any one else says without checking it out. I guess if TTNP would have gotten the approval, you would be calling Nowak a hero! He was just as shocked as anyone else and probably took a small loss. I had nearly 200k shares and took a huge loss; who do I blame? Me! I got greedy and believed too strongly in the FDA being fair and honest; obviously they are not. TTNP and Braeburn were shafted; but we can hope that it will eventually get the approval they deserve.

    • dc, how much credibility does your very first post ever carry on this mb?

    • derek, we welcome all newcomers on this MB. Please forgive our skepticism, but why did you choose today to create your alias, & why did you just post just here? While Nowak & I may disagree on some points, I respect his opinions & his "take" on most subjects related to TTNP. He's proven his sincerity & earned credibility over time.
      There are many,many new people here that have not. They seem to have ulterior motives & post accordingly.
      You should do your own homework, make your own decisions, & not "blame" any anonymous poster for your personal failings. GLTY if you are indeed LONG.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 3 Replies to jttarbel
      • JT: This guy's just one more tourist, passing through while we're trading 1M plus a day. Surely, you remember the 15K days when there were only about 10 or so people posting here regularly. Nowak was one and so were you and I. The rest of these guys who've arrived since the TweeterLand pump and dumpers started their mindless manipulating, and the Gutter spread the word and their poop to boot, actually think they know what they're talking about BUT what they don't know about Titan, its history and this science could fill a multiple volume encyclopedia. They measure everything to do with Titan in context to their knowledge and experience trading other companies and haven't the first clue how constant Titan's been an exception to common sense. The flakes will disappear again soon, along with our regular nuisance, JOSHTAPELB.CENTSLESS, just as soon as their mommies call them to dinner. There's a long road ahead for Titan investors still, but anyone who thinks to question Jon Novak's motives and opinions is definitely NEW here, in that like all of us, Jon's agenda is that of an investor looking to make money yes, but doing so dishonestly, I think not.....this coming from one who's been constantly at odds with Nowak488(Novak).

      • How did that work out for you?

      • Hi jttarbel,..... This is not any alias, this is my one and only Id..... I have been a long time investor, but only in safer bets like Citi and Google and have never posted any message on those message boards.... If ou look at those MBs, it's not as active as some of these smaller pharmas... Only recently I ventured in to Pharma (about an year back) and in Titan early January....And have been reading the Titan MB since then.... And I have not posted any message since then, in fact I just created the ID today as it was really pressing for me to post this opinion of mine as I have been wanting to do it for quite some time...... I am not as young as most of you here and am not too much in to posting..... But I do understand your skepticism on this first Ike post..... I have invested a lot of money on Titan currently and am just hoping to gain some navy and I don't see any other option for me that's waiting which is what most of us I believe are doing......

        And regarding everyone doing their due diligence - I agree, of course I absolutely didn't make any decision jus by reading Nowak's or any other's post.... I did what I thought was right based on my research and I take complete responsibility for that..... But u have to understand that many naive investors do get carried away with these kind of posts, I am sure u agree....... Also the point I was trying to make was the way Nowak goes about doing things the way he does - I for one think its terrible and destructive....... And also he has the audacity to keep pointing fingers at everyone on this board.....and just because he keeps saying he is objective, doesn't make it true...... Anyway I feel at he end of the day, Nowak for Titan shareholders is way kore damaging that anything else..... Good luck to you jttarbel

    • Nowak isn't the problem, its people that do their own due diligence and take advice from others. It's your money do whatever you want with it but don't cry if you lose money listening to someone else. I'm here because I did my DD and felt a rewarding risk. I'm still here because I'm waiting on Titan/Braeburn, any positive news and I recover my lost and any negative news and I move on.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Notice how I've still be talking about Braeburn walking away, even when I have bought and am "all positive"... I'm objective.

      I was pretty negative after the AdCom documents came out, too, but I still held because my plan was to sell before the decision. I've made that known several times in the past.

    • Probably just unloaded in the .60s LOL

    • interesting insight

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