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  • stalyon52 stalyon52 Jun 11, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    OT: VNDA

    cookin' all day long

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    • Back to reality........$8.46, down 23%

    • But doesn't it make you feel good,great knowing that vanda,who many thought was a POS,etc,failed fanapt,the new dtug they have is for a very small market,was trading 3 and change for,??, people calling it dead money,mgnt a POS also,that within a few months,they're now trading 12 plus,pps,if they ????? Want a stock to go up,seems of cause after they get there shares,then,boy oh boy it will,think our boys got there shares???, we shall see soon enough,seeing vanda,gives me much I mean MUCH faith that we will follow that path,and by the way ,our market is in the billions,product wise,count them,addiction,pain,parks,and now depression,these are NO JOKE MARKETS,WE ARE TALKING POTENTIALLY BILLIONS IN SALES,just need this one approval to open flood gates,and bet you all these other drugs will be active ready to go, titan has the potential to blow all other companies PPS away,after we get over this one small hurdle,,PS: braeburn walks,not inyour life.

    • If it makes you feel any better, the entire thing has been heavily manipulated. The action yesterday was because Baker bros bought 2 million shares under $4?! Funny how that corresponds with all of those upgrades.

      It may go higher, but it's a great short, if you're allowed to short.

    • Yeah, just think how much money you could have made if you had dumped TTNP April 30th right before #$%$ management announced CRL at midnight and bought VNDA that day.

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      • shouda, woulda & coulda............
        Soooo..... Miss Cleo, where where you on April28th???

      • I had 2,500 shares of VNDA at a cost of $12.42, purchased in 2009, that I sold for a loss and now regret. That decision has nothing to do with TTNP, so I don't think in the terms you suggest.

        I had 100,000 shares of TTNP going into the CRL week and sold, as follows:
        35,000 - 04/22
        20.000 - 04/23
        20,000 - 04/24
        I made a profit of decent profit of 36.8%, but nothing like I should've, having held when it was above $2.50. I wasn't smart enough to sell then. Actually, this happened to me twice and I have nobody to blame but myself.
        I now hold 15,000 shares at a cost of $1.085/share, which I will hold until finality.


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