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  • tigerw1234 tigerw1234 Oct 8, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    So where did all the pumpers go?

    I'm of the opinion that the pumpers and the dumpers are the same people. they pump the stock on interesting - but not earth-shattering news - then SELL, SELL SELL, drive down the price, telling everyone the stock isnt going anywhere, the buying at the lowest possible price, and pumping again as we get closer to more news.

    it really is sad i need to stop posting on these boards because it distorts my better judgement. luckily i didnt get caught up in the pumping at INO and ZLCS, but i got burned here bought at 1.16 yesterday. should have waited. will not buy anymore or sell at 1.20, because i feel like we will see a lot of this until the fda meeting.

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    • your poor judgement dude, its your biggest mistake to buy at top after it doubled
      rule number 1 -never chase
      rule number 2 never buy at top
      rule number3 never buy a stock thats up more than %10
      pull backs always happens and sometimes it ends up with crash
      today it did but bounced nicely, will it go back up?
      noone knows
      l never read anything saying buy ttnp now on this board
      if you are buying a stock thats up more than %15 you are gambling
      you never know when its gonna reverse

    • Indeed it was a buying opportunity below $1.00. I hope you bought lot of shares and be ready when it takes off.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • They will be back soon you can be sure.....always are.....Buying at 1.16 yesterday was OK in my opinion as tomorrow we will be going back up. We had a retrace today because no stock keeps going up forever....people will take profits and that is what happened today. Heck....I've been buying this since .70 and still buying....havn't sold a share yet.....It is still a go from here and should continue to backfill to the 2.00 mark. GLTU mr. tigerw.....We'll be back on top soon......

    • They only influence the gullible, uninformed and misinformed. Anyone who makes investment decisions based solely on what they read in message board forums is not very smart. That doesn't make it right to take advantage of these intellectually challenged individuals, so you're right to be critical. It's doubtful anyone who's done due diligence on Titan would be overly influenced by pumpers or bashing types....BUT then again, many are the same bunch that voted for that dullard Obama, so yeah....some may indeed be so easily manipulated.

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      • "dullard Obama?" I respect your contributions more when you don't paraphrase morons like rush limbo, a vile, bottom-of-the-barrel political propagandist. I don't like O'bomber either, he's nothing more than a corporate tool doing a disservice to the country. Sadly, he's light years beyond the batch of yoyos the Gestapo On Parade had to offer in either of the two elections he won by default.

      • GULLIBLE... INTELLECTS,, oxy-moron,, anyone here really informed please raise your hands,, what no hands,, gambling red/black and green zeros is what I see

      • ive done DD on titan, but biotech does not necessarily respond to real science and facts. stocks can go down on a negative SA article, which is why i focus a lot on the attitudes of buyers, and not simply my DD. like INO, i like INO, i think it is great. but stock-wise, it isnt performing the way id like it to. it is a day traders stock, up and down up and down, and we never see consistent gains.

        cant treat biotech like a blue chip. these companies have never turned a profit and most never will, but that doesnt mean they cant double or triple in size. zlcs is 300 million in debt and they jumped like 70% in the last six months, i bought and sold that.

    • Some of them don't even bother changing accounts, so, yeah, that is what they do.

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