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  • druggy25 druggy25 Apr 15, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    quest's Big News Will Be Braeburn Throwing in the Towel

    Common sense will prevail. Flushing money down the drain to possibly maybe capture 5% market share is a gamble not worth taking.

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    • Guess you're just smarter than all those dummies at Braeburn/Appletree. Perhaps you should open your own investment firm.

    • No trial news .... they probably pulled out already ..... just didn't bother to tell Sunil.

    • awkardlamp Apr 15, 2014 6:44 PM Flag

      I believe druggy25 has a point. i mean i've entered at a relatively high price and ofc i would want this to work. but as things are how they are now chances are slim. considering that this is an implant that alone is enough to make people think twice before applying for it. if the people that gets the implant isn't voluntarily then things can get messy. im just looking for an exiting point.

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      • Not only would there be resistance from patients to have a surgical implant, when other options are available, but also psychiatric community does not want to store the controlled substance nor be bothered taking training classes for a surgical procedure. Doctors would have to travel to the psychiatrists office and it wouldn't be worth their time. Couple that with Braeburn, which doesn't have a training and sales staff, and this has all the earmarks of being a disaster IF it's ever approved. A Big Pharma partner such as Merck, which has experience selling implants and has a large sales force, would have provided optimitic expectations in the battle with RB.

    • SO??? they throw in the towel,but really,do you really believe that for a 6 month BS trial approval 98%,sales of all these addiction drugs combined are way north of 2 billion, 6 month inplant only of it's kind in the WORL..I believe there really is a huge demand for this and imo why argue or even talk about it,time will show.Think it will be a fun 2014.Hey this could run on any major news,downside now at 60 cents is to me BS. And what if,??? hey very possible ROW's pretty big out there.Whatever time will tell,but in the mean time I will be buying here and there,it's only money.

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      • According to JN .... no approval until MAYBE 2017.
        Lots of competition by then.
        RB will have a long last depot formulation approved by then.
        Do you think that patients will prefer a surgical implant that needs to be surgically removed or one or two injections that will provide the right dosage of buprenorphine for 6 months?
        More important, what would Titan's royalty be reduced to when the depot is approved?
        Did you ask Sunil?

        Hype and hot air is all that you post.

        If Titan had a brain implant for dumb butts like you, it would be worth something.
        Sunil has you on course back to .01 for a second time.

    • What about EU market?

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