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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Mar 4, 2008 11:11 PM Flag


    It seems to me that you have a magical indicator that tells you win it is a good time to buy and sell and I was wondering if you would tell me about it? And where I can get one. I also like your stock picks thank you. Anyway I play stocks that I find at Inplay at Yahoo fiancé or CNBC TV that have good news like this one (ICE)if you look at the chart you will see that it sat there vaselating for a while then went up. Plus there was a nice pulback play in the midle of the day.Back to topic, during the summer of 07 win the market was good it was easy every thing went up the stock would get bid up be for the market opened then win the market opened it would usually drop to a floor hit 2 or 3 times and take off then you would sell with in 5 to 30 min for a profit. But know the stock sit there for a while and you do not know what they are going to do. So I was wondering if that magical indicator could be used to tell you what the stock is going to do with in the first 10-to-20 min of the opening win a lot of buying and selling are going on.// PS (ICE) is only an examply //
    Another one I have played is win a stock has good earnings and sells off. I will look to buy it a month or so be for earnings and ride up to earnings can your indicator give a good entry. Do you have any recommendations of Technical Indicators books

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    • Thanks for the posts earlier

    • There is no magic. I am sorry to tell you that, but the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can get on to what works. It amazes me how much energy people put into finding the holy grail indicator (including me for the first 2 years!).

      But it is liberating when you do realize this. You can relax and back your focus off the trees and see the forest! If you do NOTHING else do this: buy stocks that are going up and sell (quickly) when they go going down.

      Focus only on stocks that have a long, strong upward trend. They are winning and more likely to continue going up than stocks that are going down (looking for a reversal). Look at a long chart for this. All sma's should be going up, IN ORDER (shortest above longer above longest).

      The first hour of the trading day is madness. Be very careful here. Many people avoid this time (for good reason), but I love it because this is when stocks MOVE. The middle of the day everyone goes to lunch, and the end of the day the daytraders sell off. This is sometimes the best time to buy or find a bargain. Holding overnight can be very dangerous, so the selloff is understandable.

      The real trick to trading (after finding the right stock) is knowing when to enter and exit. Entering is much easier. Now we use a shorter chart. I like EMA's here over SMA's, because recent movement has more influence. Make sure all EMA's are going up. The proper order is nice here, but not always necessary, however the proper order is definitely a better indicator of trend. The exit is tricky and I still blow it here, but I figure if I get out too early at least I didn't LOSE. Your broker will love you if you are too quick to pull the trigger. I'm working on tests to tell me which indicators which best here. Stocks do seem to favor one over the other (COIN = longer indicators because many fakes up and down).

      It seems your English is limited, so I hope you understand this. I hope very much that this helps you. I do not have all the answers but I'm making money. FACT: there is no magical technical indicator. Using many of them together is safer, but for me, a lot of effort for questionable results. RSI, Stochastics, W% are some I used to find useful. They sometimes push me in one direction when I'm undecided on the trend.


      PS: Are you Brazilian?

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      • On I’m not Brazilian that is good though. I am teaching my self to learn I really never liked school. I am self-employed in the construction field insurance climes Fire & water restoration. Sorry for my poor spelling and typing in time it will better?
        Any way I apreacheat the information you gave me I have read different books on trading and they only give you small bits of information in each book to work with and it seams that you get the most knowledge from asking some one that seams to know something about trading or trial and failure.I do realize there is no holly grail I was just having fun whit the magic indictor thing

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