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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Mar 5, 2008 12:45 AM Flag


    On I’m not Brazilian that is good though. I am teaching my self to learn I really never liked school. I am self-employed in the construction field insurance climes Fire & water restoration. Sorry for my poor spelling and typing in time it will better?
    Any way I apreacheat the information you gave me I have read different books on trading and they only give you small bits of information in each book to work with and it seams that you get the most knowledge from asking some one that seams to know something about trading or trial and failure.I do realize there is no holly grail I was just having fun whit the magic indictor thing

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    • Spelling not as important as WHAT you say, so I hope no offense taken. Brazilian company might bring Brazilian investors to this MB.

      As a teacher, I think what you are doing is GREAT! I respect your ambition. Again, I'm NOT an expert, but I do make money. I'm actually finding it HARDER to trade larger and larger amounts. Be careful what you read, so many are completely full of sh!t. I'm not selling anything - I'm a mathematics TEACHER by vocation, so I guess it's in my nature to try to help people (if I can!). My advice is worth exactly what you are paying me for it!

      Made (and blew) some major $$ as an athlete in my younger days. Taught myself stocks just like you: read everything, asked everyone, figured a lot of stuff out on my own. People with "systems" (red light/green light) are just another infomercial. Information is cheap and profitable, even if it's bad.

      I fell off a lot of roofs in my younger days, and it kept me going back to college every time I would think about quitting. Construction is hard work, period. You will be a success because you are a self-motivated, hard working guy. I respect anyone trying to better themselves in any way. Too many lazy people in this world with their hand out.

      I post my stuff IN ADVANCE so you know I'm for real. How many people do THAT? I try to post on the fly (sometimes hard to do) layin' it out there, mistakes and all.

      Best of luck in your search. Love to hear from you as you do this.

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