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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Mar 5, 2008 1:10 PM Flag


    Thanks no offence taken’ If you don’t ask you never know ( SA = HAY)
    NO I'M NOT Spanish either

    Trading large amounts is very hard because there are only a few different ways to work with that many shares. From what I can read you are doing a smart thing buying large amounts in a high volume stocks trading in & out, take 0.05 times 25000’ shares made in a few minuets NOT BAD?

    What I am looking for is an indicator to tell accumulating sooner and how strong, (is there a way to program one that way) I am trying to sharpen my entry point. As for you do not let it bother you about leaving money on the table . If you think about it no one (really ) knows wear a stock price is going to top out at. I have lost some good money because of that thought.

    I was making good money any wear from $400.00 to $1500.00 with in 5 MIN to 1 HR playing the morning PR’S I took some heavy loss’s trying new things Buy and hold, It will come back, and the bull shit moved to wear I was making good money
    Started doubting my self, Win you have less then 1 second make up your mind and click off 10 grand or so well you know Your balls get tight you start to
    over think and then the WAM THE F--ING trade is gone. LOL I was playing ( BIG) & (CAP) on papper this morning. Did ok

    Buy the way I commend you on going through the frustration and sticking with it to find a Technical Indicator that works for you. I can see being a Teacher that it can be quite interesting reading some posts. As for me I have had tunnel vision for a long time worked to much and right now I’m trying to learn how to live life better And to expand my (vocabulary Spelling Typing)" " "

    Well I have to go to work

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    • Very interesting. You are very perceptive and, like me, a bit of a gambler.

      Automate your trades. Take the emotion out. You still much watch in case internet fails, etc. You could be BROKE overnight too!

      I'm up over $2,000 since yesterday on CPST alone. This is a great day for me. No short squeeze killers, just nice 4-5-6% gains, nice and steady.

      My indicator is REAL simple 10-20-40-100 EMA's all headed up (5 min chart). That's it!!! It would give you the best entry in terms of squeezing out the most profit, but you won't get whipped to fast down either. Jump on the fastest horse in the race and hang on. He's the most likely to win.

      Going up? I'm going with you!!!

      Gotta Go. Thanks again. Interesting to meet meet people like you. No, I'm not a shut-in either. I have a life too.

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