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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Mar 5, 2008 11:29 PM Flag

    SA HEY

    Thank you so very much for answering my post

    This is what I have bin trying to say to you
    I was making good money any wear from $400.00 to $1500.00 with in 5 MIN to 1 HR playing the morning PR’S

    Your stocks exploded today on news I assume. If you can find those BEFORE those big gap ups, I'd like to know your secret

    I REALLY REALLY HOPE your scanner can do this but here we go.
    -What I’m looking for is similarities in the stocks that take off ok If there is one

    I find them a lot ok but some times they just sit there for a while or go down a little fake you out then take off

    And yes I will tell you I will even tell you how I play them
    What a F--ing RELIEF .

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    • Thank you for the Technical Brake down (really) I has to agree with the volume very scary. But this is a good play for 20 MIN (IF the weather is right up day in market)
      1-The stock is cheep
      2-It should off
      3-It has a good ceiling $4.oo or so
      4-Ok sector
      5-Good Business Profile healthcare market
      6-Upside guidance (real good)
      7-FY08 revs above consensus
      8-Sees FY08 revs of $36-38 mln vs. $35.4 mln Good growth
      9-Our record annual revenues were driven by our healthcare security business
      With good interest (pre market volume) you could buy 1000 shares or so have it run .30 to .90 cents or so (sell into strength)
      Now this is one to watch after earnings here. Because it will sell off go down for 3 weeks to a month or so and go back up into earnings.
      (But you do not hold into earnings)
      This is why I'm looking for accumulation early sings of accumulation. And how strong of accumulation
      these are some of the things I look for. Now with "your" magical tool
      I’m HOPING that we can find similarities

      PS Good Morning

    • I've always thought trading on news had tremendous potential; I just could never figure out how to do it. In my experience, the timing of PR's is very strategically planned.

      My scan only involves characteristics of SMA's, volume, and volatility. SMA's all going up (10/20/50/200) and the smallest above the largest. They have a minimum volatility (high - low)/low and a minimum volume of 1,000,000 shares. That is it 100%. Nothing more. No fundamentals, no technicals, no news.

      In other words, stocks with a STRONG upward trend already. I have no idea WHY they are trending up, just that they are. I've given up on trying to figure out WHY. I just join the parade and hope it keeps marching for a while.

      I wish it was more complicated, but that's the honest truth. I do of course do look at these companies before playing them, but just to weed out the "problem" ones. I'm nervous about stocks that have gapped up large already and sometimes wait and see on those.

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      • Your example of CHIP would not be one I would touch because of the TINY volume (very very low). This means (to me) that it could be vulnerable to manipulation. If I had to try to dump it in a hurry, I could be in big trouble.

        It also has a falling 50SMA and is trading WAY below the 200SMA. Something has caused it to fall quite a bit.

        The recent movement of the stock is in an uptrend, which is good. I suppose good news could propel it upward, but I'm not that much of a gambler. I hope this helps.

    • 4:09PM Verichip beats by $0.05, beats on revs; guides FY08 revs above consensus (CHIP) 2.41 -0.09 : Reports Q4 (Dec) loss of $0.29 per share, $0.05 better than the First Call consensus of ($0.34); revenues rose 22.9% year/year to $8.6 mln vs the $8.2 mln consensus. Co issues upside guidance for FY08, sees FY08 revs of $36-38 mln vs. $35.4 mln consensus. Co says, "Our record annual revenues were driven by our healthcare security business and strong sales of our industrial product... Following the significant infrastructure build-out of our VeriMed system in 2007, we are now ready to begin marketing VeriMed more directly to patients in certain key geographies. Starting with South Florida, we will launch our direct-to-consumer campaign in early April as we increase our focus on patient adoption. We plan to replicate the success of the South Florida launch in one or two other markets by the end of 2008."


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