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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Mar 6, 2008 8:17 AM Flag


    FLOW - URBN - MWRK -

    It sounds like if you follow a stock you would know win to buy.RIGHT?

    Now this is one CHIP after earnings here. Because it will sell off go down for 3 weeks to a month or so and go back up into earnings. If the company did not put out bad news

    I have to go to the store be back

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    • I sold for a loss at $9.08
      Not long after I posted
      *(it should come back I HOPE)*
      The famous last words of a big loss

      I hit send on the post closed the screen thought about that post looked at the stock chart said to myself don't be a fool sell put your ego away.
      And know win I look at itI sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger I will be back - I hope LOL. I have some things to do and I'm addicted to American Idle.
      I wanted to say the stuff I have read is real helpful
      Thank you

    • I bought FLOW 600SH at $9.37 just about the very top> I should have bought at $9.00 BUT I FROZE UP GASPING FOR AIR OVER THINKING you should have seen it? Anyway it should come back I HOPE IF you have the time check the news out and the CO tell me what you think. Your comment about being automated is SO right.
      I really like talking with you, and thank you for your time to.
      I don’t usually do this but I'm going to hold it

      I have to go to work

      You guys have a great day

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      • Wow! Buying AFTER a huge gap up is quite dangerous to me. Now YESTERDAY would have been a great time to buy!

        I sell anything trending down at a 40 or 50 SMA line. You could wait forever for it to come back. I understand that's quite a hit. If you dumped it now you'd lose about 4.5%, but it could get much worse too.

        The gap up is a total guess at the perceived value of this equity upon whatever changing news. This is why IPO's are dangerous too. The sword cuts both ways.

        Buy going up, sell going down. RULE #1

    • Must you buy these in after hours? Your post is this AM before market opens. Are you simply scanning for news and evaluating before the next day?

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      • Seems risky. MWRK plummeted, not rose on news. #1 for me is no big losses (whenever possible). The other 2 did indeed gap up. CHIP is so lightly traded it is scary. Lightly traded stocks under $5 can be easily manipulated, so trying to make sense out of their movement is baffling.

        CPST on the other hand traded 3,115,827 shares yesterday and 5,334,545 shares the day before. This means buying and selling is easy and less vulnerable to manipulation IMO.

        It is very interesting though, taking a huge but quick profit. Let me know how and when you are buying.

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