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  • maddstox maddstox Mar 12, 2008 3:16 AM Flag



    CREE is coming off a 1 day bounce; 1 day does not a trend make! This stock HAS made my list many times (even recently) but not since I started posting them. It is in a FUNK right now (I have not researched why yet) and, you're right, bounced off the 200sma today. But LOTS of things bounced today with good news (?), so I'm holding out (or my scan is!) for now. But it is definitely worth a watchful eye, because yesterday could be the first day of a trend reversal. Who knows?

    It has demonstrated since about mid november that it's on a climb, but March has not been kind. The RSI, STOCH, and WM% (my favorite 3 TA indicators that I now ignore) say YOU ARE RIGHT. It has been beat down and is ready to fly. Still, I need to see more movement. I'm late to the party, but never alone!

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    • The RSI, STOCH, and WM% (my favorite 3 TA indicators that I now ignore)
      Why are you ignoreing them, and win did you start to ignore them

      UNG looking at a 3-year chart looks close to the top, but then again only three years. It has a nice W on the chart.

      Extra RT clicking your browser's to up date, Do you use a real time chart to , at the same time.

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      • I had to make a break. I either had to rely on indicators such as those (overbought/oversold, etc.) or start trend trading. Mixing the two can yield different results: they are just two completely different ways to arrive at a conclusion, although certainly all of those have a time component and are a trend of some sort. I just figured I had to make a clean break. But I do think overbought/oversold was the single best of its kind. I still do. But just like one needs multiple time frames (sma/ema), one also needs confirmation from multiple indicators. I liked those 3 best and I sometimes still peek at them (they are on my charts anyway). I had some formulas of my own that melded them together (higher math stuff). I found them helpful on the very small time scale. Statistics isn't my "thing" in statistics, but I made it my focus for a while. We can overanalyze anything and get nowhere fast.

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