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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Jul 3, 2008 9:32 AM Flag

    $4.69 gas here - WOW / Ouch! Ouch!

    I filled up last night at $3.99 for the middle octain
    Lower octain was $3.89
    I didn't enev look at the high otc
    Have you looked at a Toyota Prius yet?
    If you haven’t??
    Madd your not that rich (are you)

    Wallace what are you paying

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    • Am I rich? Not rich ENOUGH! LOL

      According to the government, yes. According to my wife, no.

      I have so much going OUT that what's coming IN is barely enough. I really think it's your NET that matters! I could be happy with my wife in a little shack (OK, on the beach and PAID OFF), all my bills covered for life, unlimited access to good books to read, and a computer to write a few books that I'd like to finish. I don't care about a car or material things. No money worries, good health, etc. Who needs a huge income?

      OK, last week gas was $4.69. Today it was $4.57. YIPPEE!!! Why would those evil oil companies LOWER their prices? DO YA THINK THAT PEOPLE CUT BACK AND THE LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND TOOK EFFECT??? No, it couldn't be that! It's gotta be a conspiracy!

      I'll pay $100k to universities this year. That almost matches my teaching pay right there. This is why I trade. I don't really enjoy trading, but teaching isn't valued that much so I have to trade to stay above water. I don't enjoy the abuse I take sometimes on the CPST board, although most are quite nice and helpful. You guys on the other hand are a great bunch of caring, compassionate, and selfless folks. You guys all share together and there is a genuine spirit of cooperation rather than competitiveness. OK, I'm getting too mushy.

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