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  • nm10066 nm10066 Oct 6, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Penn. Governer Randell, sits on board, great speculative play but watch out

    This stock has caught fire, it seems to me the stock minipulators are trying to run it up, pump and dump, on rumers of a take over. It may very well happen but I think that kind of speculation is way to early. If this company can meet it's debt obligations, the long term prospects are much better then if they are forced to sell out now. This new smart sponge technology is a multibillion dollar product but to sell out now at 2-3 dollars a
    share would be a shame. So be careful, these guys could be running this stock up in the short run just to dump it and drive it back under a dollar again. I'll buy more shares only after I see the results of the 4th qt. You all have been warned. I won't post again until after the 4 qt results.

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    • UPDATE: I'm a week early but I promiced an update next year. So I'm sitting here Christmas Eve night with nothing elso to do but make the update tonight. Well, first of all, I think those who bought in on "buy out" rumers have figured out they were "pumped and dumped". It ain't happening far a very, very long time if ever. It's much too early for such speculation. First, lets make a profit and prove this business model will work and that may be another year or two. DON'T PUT ANOTHER DIME IN THIS STOCK UNTIL THEY SHOW NUMBER OF CONTRACTS "IN FORCE" AND PROJECTED REVENUES. You will still be early enough and make a lot of money. It's far better to chase a stock price going up then to chase it going down. The product is great but it takes a good business to sell it. Let's see if Abtech can do it. I've seen a lot of good products never get off the ground because of poor or inexperienced manage. If this thing makes it next year I firmly believe it can make you a lot of money but you have got to make smart buys and limit risk. Next Update: after 1st quarter, 2013.

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      • Time for another update: Hope some of you listened to me and did not buy based on "buyout" rumers. It didn't happen and it won't happen anytime soon. Now what's next. All these guru's noting all the accounting shortfalls are showing they can't see the forest for the trees. If you look at any small start up and these accounting shortfalls are common place. That's the risk and you learn to live with it. If this management is good and the product is good there is still time for this company to be a big winner. WM seems to see potential and the size of this makret is huge. 2013 is the make or break year but it's a risk work taking. HANG IN THERE.

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    • Former Gov Randell is so stupid that Biden must be his brother. He is paid to show up once every so many months. He would mot know a good stock. He is like a board member of HD=
      dummer than a box of rocks.

    • ok ..... we will all wait until you advise what we should do next.

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    • r u bi-polar or paronoid-schizophrenic rantings "govenor on bod but watch out for pump/dump-multi billion $$ technology but watch out for stock manipulators- stock caught fire but watch out for debt obligations. Best of all "you all have been warned" so who made you the abhd stock police.
      so glad you will not post again until after Q4 results. Oh yea don't skip your meds anymore.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The Lorax has spoken, y'all. Seriously, though, if you are invested here without thinking this is a speculative play, it's time to revisit basic money management principles. Raise your hand if you don't recognize the risk of buying a company swimming in debt, with multiple bigger fish in the same space, but with a potential blockbuster product. There should be no question that a lot will turn on the success of the company's business development efforts going forward.

    • good !!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Time for that update: Far those that thought the "buy out" was coming, well by now you know you've been "pumped and dumped". Look this is an absolute great product. But without a great management even the best products can fail and most do simply because getting a major product established on the market takes a lot of experienced management and a lot of money. MONEY is definitely a problem for Abtech. As noted, Wast Management is a big plus but there is so much we as independent investors don't know about that contract. We need to see how many contracts are signed first quarter this year and projected revenues before we put another dime in this company. Remember it's much better to chase a stock price "going Up" then it is to chase it "going Down". This time next year I think we have a chance to be very happy investors, but we can be smart about it and still not take unnecessary risk. Let this business prove itself. NOBODY AND I DO MEAN NOBODY IS GOING TO BUY THIS COMPANY UNTIL IT MAKES A PROFIT AND THAT MAY NEVER BE OR YEARS AWAY.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Please dont ever post again YOU ARE TERMINAL

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