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  • fifthel fifthel Jan 16, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    Not "rain tax" but "ignorant-city-planner tax"

    City planners with little insight & education built parking lots that were "non-permeable" and taking up space where filtration via aquifers would occur. God knows what oil, brake dust,asphalt mix, etc runs off those lots during rain in a pretty big way, NOW are shouting they can't afford to help clean up everyone's water for a relatively small fee. They truly are ignorant of their surroundings and are the first to shout bloody murder when the majority goes against them. Sound familiar?

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    • Easy dude...throttle it back some.

      Every City/Municipality in America made the same collective decisions where Parking Lots and rooftops are concerned. It just now that some thought is going into where all this run-off is going...that's why you are seeing big holes being dug fairly close to larger parking lots and buildings to contain all that run-off for a bit. Wanna have some fun? Do a mosquito count in late summer...nothing a pint of Malathion won't cure.

      Shoot, that goodness is even happening in my little part of Ohio. Sadly, my sewage bill has a tiny lil ol surcharge attached to it based on the size of my driveway and street frontage. In my case as a homeowner, it amounts to $1.45/month. Not exactly a crushing burden and the "Smart" people are actually doing something with it to adress the run-off issue in the furture!

      Go figure...

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