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  • hollowbodylang hollowbodylang Apr 29, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    Anticipated Orders

    On the last call, mgmt said significant orders were "imminent." Reasonable minds can debate what that means but I interpret it to mean orders will be received by the end of the year. Below is the order pipeline:

    Stormwater $10 m
    UK surface water $1.4 m
    SS filter $2.3 m
    Landfill $5 m
    Estimated pipeline $18.7 m
    Plus the recently announced oil & gas teaming agreements with 4 oilfield service firms
    Plus the SPEL distributor business in Australia

    The business opportunity seems immense...

    What about the stock opportunity? I'll argue the stock appears fairly compelling, especially when factoring in some of the hidden assets on its balance sheet. ABHD has $50 m in net operating losses, which is more than its current market cap, plus there is value in its intellectual property portfolio and a manufacturing facility. Perhaps most important, the balance sheet is much improved from six months ago. Total debt is now just $480,000, and there are several months of cash on hand in case it takes longer for orders to materialize.

    Do others agree with the above math? How do the skeptics respond? I'm always interested in the bear case and challenging my thesis.

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    • you idiot this is the same as it was 2 years ago...bunch of worthless PR's, hyping sponge as saving the world, blah, blah, blah. the CEO has been living off dilutive stock offerings FOR 17 YEARS.

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      • steve8251953, you are calling me an idiot? That is entirely possible but I'm not sure why you felt the need for a personal attack instead of discussing the merits of the stock. I'll respond to your post with facts and avoid any personal digs.

        You say that this is the same as it was 2 years ago. Well, the facts don't support that notion. In just the last few months, ABHD has done the following:

        Announced $500,000 in orders (including the order announced yesterday)
        Signed a letter of intent with Monrovia,
        Announced teaming agreements with four oil & gas partners
        Significantly reduced debt, while raising cash and having positive shareholder equity.

        You mention dilutive stock offerings but that is just wrong. ABHD has consistently said it has 92 m shares outstanding fully diluted - it has been that way for a long time. Check the presentations on its website. When convertible bond holders elect to convert to stock, that isn't dilutive at all, those shares were already included in the diluted shares outstanding number.

        Lastly, just because you TYPE IN ALL CAPS doesn't mean your point is more effective. Next time, try including some facts that support your analysis.

        Just curious, why are you so negative on the company? What happened over the past 17 years won't be relevant at all if ABHD announces big orders over the next few months. Look forward, not backward.

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    • completely agree and I am long the stock, however that has been the case every single quarter and conference call during the last 3 quarters. However, I did note that the tone on the call was they wanted to be reserved and stop over promising and under delivering. There is an opportunity for a large move, once contracts get signed and revenue comes in as the company transitions from concept to reality!

      At that point when they can self fund a little better, they will also get some real analysts on board and institutions.

    • IMO, imminent means a couple months at most, not by the end of the year. GL

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    • The beauty of this stock is its still flying under radar therefore there are no bears or pumpers trying to manipulate the stock price. Lets keep it like that.;)

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