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  • skrutt24 skrutt24 Sep 5, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    DieselPure Installations

    According to the news release, DieselPure's product has been selected for over 250 first responder and financial institutions on the east coast in the last two months in which smart sponge "will" be incorporated. Leading to believe these installs have yet to take place...or will need to be retrofitted.

    If Abtech is now going into the business of selling another companies product, then who is installing these diesel tanks, and how many can they possibly sell then install and in what timeframe?...and at whose expense?

    They have sold 1500lbs of smart sponge to Diesel Pure which they acknowledge is not very much...

    Anyone know the going price per pound?

    If this plays out favorably...this could be a good start to some sort of a recurring revenue stream. If as usual

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    • Your position would be reasonable for a real company. But when Abtech has been issuing PRs for years, always about something big about to happen, and none of the events are ever heard from again, this is not a real company. Maybe a company can once say it is about to get millions of dollars in contracts or some other big prediction, and be wrong in good faith. But when over and over, every year, every PR, and not one of them ever proven to be accurate, you have to be skeptical. It's like Charlie Brown and Lucy telling him that this time she'll hold the football for him, and she always pulls it away. Have you read my recent posts? Those are all Abtech saying something that causes a price spike, and then nothing. How many times does the football get snatched before it's obvious that Rink saying anything is not to be trusted?
      A real company would get blasted for doing that. The CEO would be so embarrassed he would have the head of whoever is responsible, and would make sure it never happens again. Rink just does it over and over, and never shows the slightest hesitation to do it yet again. I'll bet he is laughing at the gullibility of the investors, and just thinks, "no problem, I'll just turn my pumpers loose and flood the message boards, and issue more PRs."

    • skrutt, email Rink with your good questions....he'll answer, I know, as he has responded to my questions recently.

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