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  • pmlljl pmlljl Sep 1, 2010 6:12 PM Flag

    Any insights on what's really going on?


    Thanks for mentioning NWLI. I already owned some ANAT, so I looked at NWLI and liked too, so I bought some.

    I guess that I am becoming a Moody groupie.

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    • readyever12:

      Since I bought NWLI, near the first of the month, it has gone up about 10% while ANAT has done nothing. I find that kind of unusual although I thought NWLI was a bit more undervalued than ANAT when I bought NWLI.

      Hurricane season is getting near an end and it doesn't appear to be too destructive so far. I am wondering what it will take to get ANAT moving up. I own considerably more ANAT than NWLI.

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      • pmlljl

        Well after digging a little bit I believe the drop in ANAT is due to the new healthbill as they are preparing for the changes. The earnings I'm sure will explain the movement downward. This healthbill is affecting smaller companies like ANAT more..

        I'm long term investor and just learned what head and shoulders movement is. Anat is the perfect head and shoulders chart and traders pull out and I guess some investors who follow that nonsense..

    • Definitely a correlation between the performance of those two stocks.. Good luck Groupie.

      What else are you in?

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      • readyever12:

        Well, I am big in BRKB and doing very well there. Also big in FLXS and WAYN which I bought near there lows in 2008 and 2009, so I am making good money there. Along with NWLI, I have recently purchased ITIC and a little AIRT. I also have a pretty good slug of RDS-B and some SCX. These two are struggling currently but I think they will do better someday. Finally, I recently sold all of my WSC after Berkshire Hathaway offered to buy the rest of it and I sold most of my CUO on the recent runup. I am having a very good year and hope it continues with my Moody groupie stocks. I bought ANAT during the great recession at $67 and $45 and sold those shares for $115, so I am hoping to be a double dipper.

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